Sunday, May 3, 2015

BTS's Sajaegi "Controversy"

   BTS Successfully Releases New Album, Topping Numerous Charts
Look at those Sajaegi whores. How dare they get some public recognition!

So BTS's "Mood For Love" mini album is doing well on charts, and apparently surpassig Big Bang's "Loser"/"Bae Bae" "album" release. So what do netizens do? Claim that it isn't true because they aren't from a Big 3 company. In other words, they can't accept the fact that people may prefer somebody elses music over their faves because they aren't EXO, Super Junior, SHINee. TVXQ, or Big Bang.

BTS don't have that much popularity in Korea, however they are way more popular internationally. Apparently in the Philippines BTS and EXO are the biggest groups, and a lot of American k-pop fans like them a lot too. But of course stans of big groups from the Big 3 can't understand this because they believe that their group is the #1 K-Pop group everywhere when they aren't.

The concept of sajaegi is fairly new to me, but from what I have read, it is something similar to payola, only instead of paying radio dj's to make them play your song more and increasing your place on the charts, you buy your artists own albums in the hopes of boosting their place on the charts. Groups that aren't as popular as Big 3 groups get accused of this anytime they're songs or albums do well on the charts because people believe that they don't have "what it takes" to "hit daebak."

In the Netizenbuzz article I linked above, a part of it goes into clarification about why their place on the charts sparked up so high and how that this can't be proven as sajaegi and it is informative. And one thing that the people commented on the article about, is the fact that Big Bang didn't even release an album or mini album to begin with, but a single CD with two songs ("Loser" and "Bae Bae") so it doesn't qualify on the album charts to begin with. There is no way that BTS could surpass Big Bang's album, because Big Bang doesn't have an album to begin with.

Let's also put this into perspective, YG stated that Big Bang will be releasing two songs(singles) per month until their newest album "Made" get's dropped into September. Most people are probably waiting until September for the full album to drop instead of buying a bunch of singles (rather the album will be of the released singles or new ones I am not sure.) 

This type of stuff annoys me because it seems that these fans only thrive off of a group's popularity instead of relying on them to release good songs. Big Bang's latest singles have been "slaying" charts and they've been winning #1 on music shows left and right, stop being selfish and allow another group (who LOVES Big Bang btw) to have some shine. Just because BTS's album is doing well on charts doesn't mean it's the end of your favorite group.

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