Saturday, May 16, 2015

BoA "Kiss My Lips" Review

BoA is my favorite soloist in Korea, and seeing her leave for so long was kind of heartbreaking so when she announced her long awaited comeback to Korea after her Japanese promotions, I was psyched!

This is BoA's first all self-composed album as well, with her having input in both lyrics and production (like with the "Only One" song.) Seeing her put her production skills to the test is exciting so how does "Kiss My Lips" play?

BoA is known for her more tomboyish nature but seeing her transform into a female sex symbol exuding lots of sexuality is a welcome change. She's about to be 29 so if people complain about her becoming sexy, they're being retards. The song plays to the videos sexual strengths by having a sultry sound and beat to match BoA's soft and sensual vocals and the dance and video video displays that sort of glamour perfectly. The cherry on top is that flute that pops in every now and then, the heavy synths were a little off putting at first but after listening to it a couple of more times everything smooths together nicely.

As for the album, it's very good. BoA's production skills are pretty on point, my favorites on the album are "Shattered", "Smash" and "Clockwork" with my favorite being "Smash." 70's/80's disco inspired songs are usually hit or miss, but "Smash" is a total HIT.

Yes, yes, yes. Pure perfection

The Queen of K-Pop is back and she's not showing an end to her reign anytime soon. Long live the queen!

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