Wednesday, May 20, 2015

[Album Review] EXO - EXODUS

How was the worlds most loved and hated boygroup's second full length effort? Was it worth a listen? Is it worth no listens or worth much more? Let's find out.

 01. "Call Me Baby" - Already reviewed. Click here. TL;DR, decent title track follow up to "Overdose"

02. "Transformer" - If this were title tracked I think EXO might have gotten even more love for this comeback. "Transformer" delivers more power than CMB, has a bit more attitude and I can overall, see a much better dance and music video for it than CMB. I feel like all of the members shine equally in a song like this and it's good to see EXO take on a hip-hop tune.

03. "What If..." - The only really "meh" song on this album tbh. It reminds me of Bone Thugs and Harmony's "At the Crossroads" however it's just an unimpressive R&B ballad to me, and EXO have had better which brings me to...

04. "My Answer" - I should hate this song. It's an all piano ballad with little-to-no progression and keeps it's head straight without trying to do too much. I don't mind piano ballads, however k-pop usually doesn't get them right, and considering the last piano ballad I listened to was ruined by a terrible shoe-horned in trap beat (not naming names) you would expect to hate this song. But I totally don't. I actually love the melody, subtle vocals, and overall flow of the song. I find it quite perfect actually and it's one of my absolute favorite tracks from this album.

05. "Exodus" - This is a really fun and catchy dance song, that isn't rare to find on EXO's albums but still remains one of their more unique-sounding tunes. Maybe because, although this is slightly "generic" for most boybands, it's refreshing to see EXO try it out because most of their sound is not this modern.

06. "El Dorado" - Everyone loves this song for a reason, and it's because it kicks ass. This is experimental, but not in the way that SHINee and F(x) are experimental, this IS a true EXO tune. It starts off a mid-tempo moody number during the verses and then explodes into a fast paced and adventurous song during the chorus carried by some great vocals and an overall great performance. EXO fans waited three years for this song to get on an album, and for me, it was worth the wait. 

07. "Playboy" - EXO trying to be sexy comes off as gay to everyone I talk to, but the song is still pretty damn good. Decent verses and a very nice chorus. This is either a standout for some or a pass for others but for me, I think it flows nicely with the album and it is good on the ears for me.

08. "Hurt" - Another song full of catchyness, I like how the melody is so choppy sounding. It's a nicely bombastic song despite it having sad lyrics. It reminds me a lot of something that would come out in 2006 by some male artist which is a good thing. +1 to the "Hurj."

09. "Lady Luck" - Good intro Chanyeol. I feel like that was his idea, but anyway this is one of the songs that gets stuck in my head the most after I finish the album. It's not because it's necisarrily my favorite off the album, it's not, but it's probably the most unique sounding. It starts with Chanyeol grunting a beat into a microphone and then becomes this sensual guitar song that doesn't let up once it's begun to take off. I could see this being a pre-release track or something. 

10. "Beautiful"  - Ahhh, another song on here that is three years old but is still a classic in EXO's discography. "Beautiful" is simply a beautiful song, with a nice dreamy instrumental and dreamy vocals over it. It's definately worth a listen, I remember being taken away with it during their first teasers and hearing the whole thing now reminds me why I was such a huge EXO stan when they debuted. 

My final thoughts are that this album is EXO's best release yet (including mini albums.) There are no terrible songs, and there is only one dull song with multiple stand out tracks. I think it is definitely worth a listen or more.

Stand Out Tracks: My Go-To songs

"My Answer"
"El Dorado"

Solid Tracks: Songs that are Better than the average album-filler songs

"Call Me Baby"
"Lady Luck"

Dull/Dud Tracks: Songs I don't mind but would still skip 

"What If..."

Pass Tracks: Songs I feel that I would be doing my ears a favor by not listening to them.


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