Wednesday, May 20, 2015

[Album Review] BTS (Bangtan Boys) - The Most Beautiful Moments in Life/Mood For Love Pt.1 EP

My first BTS album review.

I had originally written a review for Dark and Wild but I never got around to publishing it, but that's all going to change. Expect some female album reviews soon, mostly for BoA.

1.) Intro - "Most Beautiful Moment in Life": It's just great. Awesome beat, awesome rapping, awesome build, very dreamy but also nightmarish at the first time. BTS almost always have better than average intros.

2.) "I NEED U": Click here for review. TL;DR, a great return for BTS that is different but still holds their original sound.

3.) "Hold Me Tight": Fuck, well this turned out better than expected. From the teasers I thought this was just going to be another moody ballad but no, no, no. This is very sensual and light but still remains a staple on this album. Seriously, this song is really, really great and it might be my favorite off of the album.

4.) Skit - "Expectation!":It's a skit. I don't really care much for them on English albums.

5.) "Fucking Awesome/Sick/Dope": This is a great bombastic track. The sax annoyed is awesome and with headphones it glides over nicely. It has a nice, fast paced energy great build-up and a hell of a breakdown. Two thumbs up. +1 for the title literally being "Fucking Awesome."

6.) "BTS DISS": I really love the energy of this song and the retro feel. It's like musical cocaine or something, it's a fun song but it's not my favorite. The chorus and the bridge make the song here.

7.) "Converse High": When I first heard this song, I really fucking hated it. It just had no appeal to it. But then I gave it a second listen and I found myself replaying it alot. What's so addictive about to me is how silly it is. Let's face it, this probably BTS's worst song lyrically, I mean they're talking about a shoe preference. Pretty damn lame. But the overall vibe of the song is so damn upbeat and happy (think SHINee.) The 70's groove is so nice here, J-Hope's rap is down right adorable and the fact that Jin is getting a shit ton more lines is really surprising. I also really like the chorus, it's extremely catchy and I found myself humming it right after I got done listening to it. In the end "Converse High" is just a silly song. It has a silly beat with silly lyrics and a silly meaning, but god dammit it puts a smile on my face and now it's impossible for me to hate it.

8.) "Move": This is one of their signature retro-hip hop songs they have slated for every album ("No More Dream", "If I Ruled the World", "Satoori Rap","Cypher Part 1", "Where Did You Come From", "Rain", "Wake Up") and like all of the other ones, it doesn't disappoint in the least. It's a bit on the slower side but is still mid-tempo. Rap-line dominated, the lyrics depict the members feelings of moving on in their careers now that they're more well known kind of like a snake shedding it's skin message.

9.) Outro - "Love Is Not Over": One of those moody Trey Songz-like R&B ballads. In fact, it sounds a lot like Trey Songz would put out which means I love it. Decent build up, great chorus very nice low vocals. Jungkook's voice is sex here.

Final thoughts are that this is fairly realistic for a BTS EP which mainly consist of a three-to-four really well done tracks and one or two "meh" tracks which is pretty damn well. I think the fact that they all had some sort of input (usually it's only Rap Monster, Suga, and J-Hope who help produce and write songs) shows something. Sure they may not have had a crap tone to do but we'll never know for sure, however if they did have some major production management with this album, well they have some class A talent in my opinion.


Stand Out Tracks: My Go-To Tracks

"Hold Me Tight"
"Fucking Awesome"
Intro and Outro

Solid Tracks: Above-Average-Filler Songs

"Converse High"

Dull/Dud Tracks: I Don't Mind These Songs But Would Still Skip


Pass Tracks: My Ears Thank Me For Not Listening to These


*Skit not included because it's technically not a song*

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