Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wtf Red Velvet Fans?

mfw I read RV fans whining.

I know this is ironic considering I'm an F(x) stan and everyone knows we're whiny but what exactly is up with these Red Velvet stans?

I can't screen-cap anything because, again, this isn't my computer but whenever I go on tumblr I see a fair amount of Red Velvet fans complaining about the fact that Red Velvet haven't had a full length album yet.

... Really???...

Okay, for any newfags let me break this down for you:

SM Groups:

TVXQ - debut in 2003, full length album in 2004

Super Junior - debut in 2005, full length album in 2005 (okay they're special)

SNSD - debut in 2007, full length album in 2008

SHINee - debut in 2008, full length album 2008-09

F(x) - debut in 2009, full length album in 2011

EXO - debut in 2012, full length album in 2013

Other Groups:

2NE1 - debut in 2009, full length album in 2010

BAP - debut in 2012, full length album in 2014

BTS -  debut in 2013, full length album in 2014

Rainbow - no full length album

Girl's Day -  no full length album

Nine Muses - debut in 2009, full length album in 2013

4Minute - debut in 2009, full length album in 2011 (no others after that btw)

Orange Caramel - debut in 2010, full length album in 2012

If you look above, you'll notice that most groups had to wait a year or two for their first full length album, not to mention the slew of mini-albums that came before and after. So it's totally normal for Red Velvet to have their first mini before they have their first full length album. Hell F(x) fans got two single and a mini, EXO fans got a bunch of unreleased single and a mini, don't get me started on BAP. If anything, Rainbow and Girl's Day fans should be the only one complaining about not getting a full length album yet. RV fans get fucking everything, hell they're getting a fandom name when most groups had to wait two years for one AND a new member plus a new mini album with two videos not to mention they've been rightfully slaying the music charts. Why in the fuck are you being so ungrateful? You can call F(x) fans whiney all day, and yes, they are, but at least all they ever complain about are fandom names (knowing that we're NOT supposed to get one in the first place, but I'll cover this some other time.) And not over something stupid like an album when we already practically have everything being handed to us. If they don't stop soon, then RV fans may just overshadow F(x) fans for the most whiniest fandom.

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