Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Truth About FIESTAR

Notice how Cao Lu is looking right at the camera trying to get more than her five-seconds of screen time in? This post will explain why she has to do this.

Admit it, with Fiestars newest image you've been paying more attention to them. But with this new attention you may be wondering why a certain member might be getting more attention than the other. Her name is Jei and she takes up 75% of Fiestar's screentime. Linzy takes 15% and the other three split the other 10% of the videos. And what's worse, is that when fans of other members complain about it, delusional Jei fans call them "Jealous Jei Anti's". Why may this be? Is it the company being unfair or is there something deeper to it?

To start of Jei, is not ugly in the least. One glance at her and you'll be whisked away in an abundance of conventional prettiness that is hard to miss. The same goes for Linzy, who has a bit more of uniqueness to her conventional beauty. Then there is the underrated holy trinity, Cao Lu, Hyemi and Yezi. Sure according to beauty standards they may not be as attractive as Jei or Linzy but if you pay a smudge of attention you'll see you may find them just as attractive, if not even miles ahead of the other two.

This video is a good example of Jeistar.

All this comes down to what is conventional and what is not conventionally pretty. Conventional pretty is basically what society tells you to find pretty amongst your people. For instance in South Korea among South Koreans it is big eyes/double eyelids, sharp jaw, long legs, and pale skin. Where as where I live among my race of African Americans it is long hair, light skin, big butt. These are what we will call standardized beauty and the women who meet these standards (natural or not) are considered conventionally beautiful/pretty because they meet the standards and are then "easier to look at." It is not a bad thing to be conventionally beautiful, nor is it a bad thing to like conventional beauty.

The above is a picture of KARA's Hara. She is a good example of "conventional beauty" in Korea. Notice how her features are very soft and feminine yet still distinguished.

What is considered unconventionally beautiful/pretty are those who do not meet the standards, and are in fact the opposite, but rock their own unique look so well that is impossible to call them anything but beautiful. So the reverse of South Korean beauty would be small eyes, rounder jaw features, short stubby legs, and tanned skin. For African Americans this is short hair, dark skin, flat butt. Unconventional beauty could also just mean you don't have as-soft features that women are expected to have giving you an "angular" look. This is called unconventional beauty because they don't meet the standards of beauty but are still beautiful but you may find their features appear "rougher." It is not a bad thing to be unconventionally beautiful, nor is it a bad thing to like unconventional beauty. 

The above is a picture of KARA's Gyuri. She is a good example of what I would call "unconventionally beautiful" in Korea because her features are more angular and sharp but still remain very feminine (and goddess like.)

-NOTE- I used KARA because they are often called the most aesthetically pleasing group.

It is also not bad to prefer one over the other or both.

Okay so what does Fiestar have to do with all of this? Well it is obvious that Jei and Linzy are conventionally beautiful they are easy to look at. But does that make Cao Lu, Hyemi, and Yezi unconventionally beautiful? Yes and no. They are not as "conventional" as Jei and Linzy but they are not completely reversed in terms of beauty standards. So why does their company appear to shaft them so hard?

The above is FIESTAR's Jei

Well look at it from Leon's prospective. You have a new girl group where none are unattractive but you know for a fact that two out of the six(now five) members meet the standards of beauty more then the others. However you know that the other three have the potential to have a cult-like following, and eventually you will. So what do you do to spice things up? Push one member to the front that is the most conventionally beautiful. You know that if you gave everyone an equal chance then nobody would really care, and if you were to push anyone else up to the front then netizens would reply saying "[Insert member here] isn't even all that pretty!!!" So in order to stir up some interest and shut the netizens up you just push Jei to the front.

The above is FIESTAR's Linzy

Now from a fan perspective, you like Fiestar because of their music and pretty faces. You automatically chose Jei as your bias because you don't anything else about the other members and she's always to the front, plus she's really pretty so of course she'd be your bias. But then something happens, in the 1 second that say, Cao Lu has in "One More", she leaves you wanting more Cao Lu. You check all of the other Fiestar videos looking for more Cao Lu, she's truly gorgeous but for every one-second she gets, Jei has three. It starts to get annoying and you really just want more Cao Lu to look at, so then you start demanding and complaining that the company showcase more Cao Lu and post their videos everywhere trying to get them more attention.

The above is FIESTAR's Cao Lu

Another hypothetical scenario: you were a Linzy stan. You think Linzy is prettier then Jei for your MILF fetish and because she looks more "natural" and you also think her voice sounds nice. "One More" comes out, and your pleased with her styling and out choices. Then you see "You're Pitiful" and then Hyemi catches your attention. It's only half-a second that you notice her but you do notice her. You may also like her voice even more. You revisit Fiestar's old videos, and the same thing repeats itself as it does in the Cao Lu scenario.

The above is FIESTAR's Hyemi

This may all be apart of the companies plans to level the playing fields of Fiestars members. By hiding them, it sprawns a new interest in the underdog members, causing more people to google-search their names, post more on forums about them, and even boost Fiestars music video views. Jei and Linzy have the most fans because they are sort of like the catalyst for the other three members to get some attention. Sure Jei might be worshiped now, but I'm starting to see an increase in fans in the three so it might already be happening. Leon knows what they're doing and what they're doing may just be pretty genius. Now hurry up and demand more screen-time for Hyemi because I'm sick of being deprived of her. 

The above is FIESTAR's Yezi

You can check out the source for the gifs here. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Hahaha MILF fetish. Is Linzy really that old or does she just look it?

    1. She's not that old (I think she's a 91' liner) but she always looked like a super hot Soccer Mom to me XD.