Sunday, April 19, 2015

*Semi-Late* [Review] EXO - Call Me Baby

EXO's back! Was EXO12 better? Is EXO10 better? Does that even fucking matter? No because why in the fuck did SM troll us with those epic teasers is the better question.

Well the song is good and an earworm in every way with smooth and crisp guitar riffs and a slight r&b influence reminicant of something the male version of the Cheetah Girls would release, that EXO is now well known for. It's no "Wolf" (a song I actually enjoyed, not even sorry) or "History" but it is right up there with "Overdose" which means it serves well as a title-track. But like most of EXO's releases, there is a song or two on the album that could have been the title track and been even more well liked. With "Overdose" it was "Thunder, with "MAMA" it was "Machine" and with "Call Me Baby" "Hurt", "Exodus" and a couple of others.

Onto the video... What the actual fuck is this shit SM? Did you spend all of your money on those epic well-done teasers or did you just not give a fuck? I was seriously expecting a lot more from this comeback because the teasers were so great but nooo you just had to go ahead and troll us as usual like YG likes to troll us with 2NE1 and Big Bang comebacks and rookie debuts. Fuck you SM.

So with all that said it seems like I'm just telling you to open another tab with the song on because the video is nothing to watch right? Well no, because not only is choreography pretty cool THE BOYS LOOK HOT AS HELL IN THIS MV. No one gets shafted here at all. Not even D.O or Xiumin who usually get the short end of the stick, and Sehun looks amazing without that piss-yellow blonde color on head anymore. Well done SM stylist!


Oh SeXiumin, how my wet dreams have missed you, welcome back.
Source: luhandsomechen via tumblr.


Chen would like to help you reach high notes.
Source: kaimins via tumblr.


Kai is just the personification of UNF.
Source: perfect-affection via tumblr.


I don't know who is more lucky: Taeyeon or Baekhyun.
Source: snapbaeks via tumblr.


Finding gifs of Suho was rare (I guess there really is only five of us Suho stans) regardless he is still "slaying."
Source: wintershower via tumblr.

I'm ending my gifspan here because A.) it's already probably lagging and B.) searching through tumblr gifs is overwhelming.

I give this release a 4/5 because, although the song is pretty damn good, the video is a huge letdown compared to how awesome the teaser vids were.

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