Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rubber Soul Blew My Minds

Out of the rookies that have debuted this year so far, Rubber Soul have had the greatest affect on me. Thanks Arcadey otherwise I would have slept on these girls so hard and felt like a huge idiot for doing so.
Okay so not everyone is going to be into Rubber Soul's sound. For starters, if you prefer Kpopalypse's taste then you'll probably fucking hate this. But if it sounds good to me then no shame shall I have, and Neo-Soul is one of my favorite styles of music ever. 

Most people on this blog know of my obsession of BTS and why I stan them so hard. A lot of their music, especially their early debut stuff, reminded me a lot of A Tribe Called Quest, a 90's rap group who used a lot of jazz on top of their hip-hop and I consider them one of the best rap groups of all time. The same applies here, the beat and vibe of Rubber Soul's "Life" reminds me a lot of early Erykah Badu songs (if she were a rapper then I could totally see this being on her "Baduism" album. There is even a vocal part that sounds like 90's Mary J Blige (another one of my favorite artists) which is just really pleasing. The overall message of the song is also pretty great as well.

It's safe to say that this isn't a group that is meant for you to find visually appealing in a fap-way. These girls are in baggy 90's clothes with piercings and odd hairstyles that are totally awesome in their own right. The fact that they can also look pretty in these should also be another reason to look into them.

Rubber Soul so far are my favorite rookies of the year. They have another song out called "Lonely Friday" and the MV came out towards the end of March. You can view that video here.

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