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Over ANALyzing K-Pop Lyrics - HyunA's "Ice Cream" Edition

"You can't spell 'overanlyze' with out spelling 'Anal'." ~ Kpopalypse

This is the first edition to something I've been looking into doing for the longest: over analyzing k-pop lyrics. Most k-pop lyrics don't mean lickity-splat but that doesn't mean you don't have the right to see what you want to see.

Most people would look at the lyrics for "Ice Cream" and think of Hyuna bragging on her sexuality, but I see something much, much different that gives Hyuna some major street cred as well as some feminist cred.

***NOTE*** - Like most k-pop lyrics the story told here is fictional, this is purely analyzing. 

I present to you: "A Gangster Love Story"


The above is the video for Ice Cream, it's fun, bright and sexy and Hyuna looks great. But where we really need to go to see what's behind all of this is back twenty-two years ago:


You'd think that Wu Tang Clan would have no influence on k-pop, but you'd be wrong. G-Dragon was inspired to become an artist after listening to Wu Tang and it's obvious BTS has some sort of Wu Tang influence with their sound. If you listen to the chorus you'll hear the actual meaning behind C.R.E.A.M - Cash Rules Everything Around Me.


Ignore the chorus, that's just a cover-up for the actual raw meaning of the song. But let's look at the verses:

"Hey boy, come here
Every single person looks at me
Hey girl, I don't know you might melt
Don't rush boy

"My diamond rings so bling bling
I'll show you my sexy swag
One look at me and they fall for me
You better surrender

I got 31 flavor sometimes like sweet vanilla
I might melt you (I got that)
You're in big trouble today"

Hyuna is a big dealer with her mind on her money and her money on her mind. A brother and sister come to her who are poor in need of money. She is at first skeptical because dealing is dirty and scary business but she likes them so she shows them the pros of dealing which include:

  • Being able to afford a lot of expensive things, like diamonds rings and other bling
  • Gaining sexy swag because you are now able to afford clothes that are relatively expensive
  • Having people look at and admire you because you are now very wealthy
  • Being able to intimidate people who fuck with you because of your high-money status (hence the surrender part)
Hyuna saying she has "31 flavors" is her talking about the prostitutes (male and female) she runs in the Red Light district who are all nice women, and her saying she might "melt" you is basically her saying she will kill you if you disrespect her hoes. (Notice the clown murder) Everybody knows what a dealer means when they say "You're in big trouble" so no need to explain that.


The chorus comes again which is again, just a cover up for the actual meaning of the song, until the final part of it which is just her repeating "cream" ending her note re-enforcing that cash does in fact rule everything around her and that's all that she will ever care about.

"Do you like me? Then come to me.
Don't just stare blankly at me
Will you love me? Will you only look at me?
You, you, you, you will fall deeply into me."

Former MBLAQ member Joon will be playing the boy. Picture for illustrative purposes.

After Hyuna has initiated the brother and sister into her gang ring she starts to fall for the brother who has fallen for her, and after this monologue between her and him celebrate their found love with sex, which Hyuna boast about gladly because he was able to deeply penetrate her. (See the video at 2:24*eng sub video* for visual reference.)


Hyuna proceeds to "melt him down like ice cream" which is just another word for her being able to blow him until he jizzes a large amount.

The bridge is a male voice, possibly her lover, saying "Hands in the air, shake it oh yeah, let me see you get down low low low" stating that their relationship is going overly well.

The song then continues with "Diamonds rings, so bling bling" part illustrating that although Hyuna has fallen in love, she will not give up her high status and wealth, and will instead maintain both a love life and a career at the same time.

Other things to point out in the video would be when Hyuna's in leather with the bubbles around her and the two men cleaning up, symbolizing just how wealthy she is being able to maids, ice cream trucks being cover-ups for drug dealers is actually pretty common, Hyuna passing out her "ice cream" (prostitutes) with everybody going towards her while the other people from the other ring gawk in anger. 

As for Psy's roll in the video, he's a cop who was sent to lock-up Hyuna but instead got captivated by one of her "flavors" and didn't.

So you see this is about a gangster who has been ran by making money her whole life who was eventually won over by the power of love but still maintained her status as a head leader in her line of profession. Not only that but the average K-Drama is reversed, instead of the rich guy saving a poor girls life, it's a wealthy girl saving a poor boys life, and she doesn't become a house wife once she marries, but keeps her career while also having a man. If that doesn't make Hyuna a feminist then I don't know what will.


The story continues through Troublemaker and 4Minutes other videos somewhat, but that's for a different post. Long story short: she was separated from Joon during the zombie kpocalypse of 2014 with "What's Your Name?", winded up with Hyunseung in "Now", left him to party and be single with her girls in "Whatcha Doin' Today?" post-zombie kpocalypse and found her way back to her old reign with Joon to rule the dealing world again in "Crazy."

GIFS are from photobucket and tumblr.

Expect a Red Velvet "Ice Cream Cake" breakdown soon, that should be really fun.

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