Monday, April 27, 2015

Okay So On the Whole Red Velvet TRYING To Be White "Controversy"


Okay so with RV's newest concept some people have been trying to say that SM is trying to make RV look white and are upset about it because the internet is full of people who see race in everything. Then there are people on the opposite side of the spectrum that are defending SM (always eyebrow raising worthy) saying things like "White people are not the only people with blonde hair and blue eyes. Plenty of Mexicans have them too." So who is right and who is wrong?

None of them are inheritly wrong because these are opinions, but they state these opinions like they are facts and it's easy to poke holes here are there. To be honest I don't think SM are trying to make RV look White, hell I mean, Jessica dyed her hair blonde and nobody called her a White girl for that to my knowledge. So there goes that argument

As for the people claiming that "OMG stop being so racist. Mexicans can have blonde hair and blue eyes too." That is very true. Some Mexicans (or people from Central and South America in general) do carry those recessive traits. I can even relate since I'm constantly being asked about rather or not I'm Black because of my recessive traits. However, let's be blatantly honest here: do you really think SM thought of Mexicans when they dyed RV's hair blonde and gave them blue eyes? If you still think yes, then you need to educate yourself on Korea's perception of non-White and non-Asian foreigners. 

If anything, SM probably did this because they thought it was an interesting concept and fit the whole "California Girl Road Trip" or whatever. But as for me, I think they all look like prettier versions of The Wayne's Bro's from the movie "White Chicks" however nobody can pull off that look as convincing as Iggy Azalea

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