Saturday, April 25, 2015

Netizens Display Their Hypocrisy Even More With EXO's Recent Bullying Rumors

With all of the Tao drama, some rumors of EXO allegedly bullying Tao popped up. This is basically T-ara vs. Hwayoung all over again with gifs and videos being taken out of place as fabricated "evidence." Will netizens witch-hunt them out of their popularity and damaged/destroy their careers like they did with T-ara? The answer is no. An article literally appeared the day after that one debunking the bullying rumors. And netizens have already been saying that this is the result of anti-fans wanting to bring down EXO. This really pisses me off, not because I want EXO to get demolished (I don't) but because this just proves that anti's are hypocritical scums of the earth that should never ever speak.

Damn near all of T-ara's "evidence" of bullying was all fabricated and made to look like they were bullying Hwayoung just as with EXO trying to bully Tao. Only EXO get sympathy articles, while T-ara got nothing but pure hatred among k-pop fans. Why you may ask?

For starters, T-ara was at the point where they were destroying all other k-pop groups, and climbing that girl group latter faster than you can say "rice cake Eunjung." Hit after hit, with 28 wins on music awards shows, becoming digital monsters, and the MOUNDS of popularity that came with "Roly Poly" and "Lovey Dovey." Their visuals were on point, their music videos were great, and they almost never took breaks. They were a threat to SONEs and Blackjacks everywhere to say the least, who hold on SNSDs and 2NE1s popularity like they hold onto their lives even though somebody being popular means nothing in terms of rather their music is good or not.

Aside from that, they were female and pretty so boys liked them a lot as well, meaning that jealous fangirls hated them as well. What better way to take down a greatly-upcoming group by milking the leaving of a member as an act of running away from bullies? Just make some misleading gifs, and edit some videos at the right angle, and BOOM you have "evidence", don't forget reading into tweets! Make some post about it, get other fans on your side and you my friend have sufficiently ruined someone career.

...Almost. Only in Korea is T-ara really screwed. They are booming in China and Japan and making A LOT of money so I guess the joke is on the netizens.

But of course your precious EXO oppars could never bully Tao. How could that anti even think about doing such a thing? You can't let EXO go down because someone is jealous of their popularity that their faves wishes they had. This must stop! Post the actual gifs! Post the actual videos! THIS MUST STOP EXO IS NOT BULLYING THEY ARE NOT LIKE SLUT-ARA!!!!

Needless to say, I shouldn't be surprised. This is coming from the genre where fans will rip apart any female artist for any stupid reason and defend their oppars at any cost. Go figure.

This just made me into an even bigger T-ara stan tbh.

On a happy note, T-ara's company is now making beauty products and Jiyeon is their main model!

       jiyeon ceci 02

        jiyeon ceci 03

        jiyeon ceci

                         jiyeon cf 02

      jiyeon cb cf

Needless to say, she looks gorgeous! Cyclops Overlord for Life!




  1. What is a rumor? The EXO bullying thing is a rumor however T-ara bullying Hwayoung WAS a rumor as well however they didn't get sympathy articles that debunked those rumora in Pann and everybody joined in and started bashing them which is the point of the article.