Saturday, April 25, 2015

[MV Review] Oh My Girl - Cupid

I see to make up for The Ark's boring existence the K-Pop Gods decided to debut Oh My Girl and their amazing debut song!

To be honest I wasn't anticipating this debut at all. When I heard they B1A4's little sister group I shrugged and when the teasers were released I shrugged again. But then I heard this song and within the first thirty-seconds I was SOLD on this GOLD.

Everything musically is fantastic. The marching-band tactic that sounds like a cute spin on After School's "Bang" with the fat-horns here and there, mixed with perfect sounding synths and the drum-line playing all throughout this song make for a pure perfection!

The chorus is so magical sounding. I don't even mind the rapping here, I actually think it fits well, the Red Velvet-ty cheerleader shouting chorus is just great and the bridge is pure earworm. I don't expect everyone to like this because it's not "smooth sounding." I know considering the concept of these girls, people would expect some A Pink sounding stuff, but this is actually as rough and bombastic sounding as AOA's "Like a Cat" or Sonamoo's "Deja Vu." 

The video is an eight-year old girly girls dream come true, with lots of pretty scenery, girls in tutu's, colors, girls dressed as fairies/angels, flowers, makeup,making people fall in love with their magical powers! It all looks like a playing dress-up fantasy from when I was little came to life! Most American K-Pop fans will probably hate this for that reason because they judge songs based off of concepts for some reason and any songs with cute concepts automatically suck. Well even if I am the only person in America (obviously not) that loves this, fuck them, this is quickly becoming my favorite song of the year so far.

As for biases, I'm calling the girl who sings the first part of the bridge (on the stairs.) I think her name is YooA.

I give this release a freaking 5/5, this song is perfection.

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