Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[MV Review] Lim Kim - Love Game

After I floated to heaven in the last post Lim Kim brings me back reality with her new refreshing song and video, and reality never tasted sweeter.

This song is really good, it's a quirky, fun and simplistic artsy-pop peice that keeps it's simplicity but doesn't become boring as it has some nice progression that works with the song, and Lim Kim's unique voice works with the breezy instrumental. The chorus is really killer here it's so catchy and the overall feel of the song is futuristic and cool sounding, which is probably what makes it so nice as k-pop is generally a heavily retro genre so to see some artist take a more modern or futuristic approach is always fun. 

The music video is one of my favorites of the year right up there with MAMAMOO's "Ahh Oop" and EXID's "Ahh Yeah." It's light, fun, colorful, and totally funny with Lim Kim getting back at men who be peeping and creeping in on her. Rather she does the funny things to them purposely or accidentally is so confusing because of her spontaneous reactions but that just adds to the humor.

With that said this is one of my absolute favorite releases of the year song and video wise, and for that I give this release a solid 5/5.

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