Saturday, April 25, 2015

[MV Review] Lim Kim - "Awoo"

Hats off to you!
I've been a listener of Lim Kim since 2013 with "Rain" which was one of my favorite songs of that year, and I've enjoyed most of her stuff since then. I think she's interesting because she switches her sounds up and can pull off all of them, and also her voice is unique and soothing. 

"Awoo" sounds like something 2NE1 would release only slower and not as cluttered. The beat is simplistic EDM with some trap here and there. I don't know why but this style reminds me a lot of electronic/futuristic reggae. Yes reggae, I don't know why but I feel like this is what reggae will sound like in the year 2105. The verses are nicely carried and the chorus is cute.

The video is really pleasing. I like the pacing of it as well as all of the bright pastel colors and the overall humor that carries the video. I just saw the teaser for her title track for her upcoming mini album and I think that particular song will "slay" me.

I give this a 4/5, a nice easy-listening song with a pretty music video.

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