Saturday, April 25, 2015

[MV Review] HOTSHOT - Watch Out

Wow K-Pop gods, you guys are really blessing these nugu groups this year aren't cha?

I've been a follower of HOTSHOT since their debut with "Take a Shot" which was high up on my best of 2014 list, their pre-release track "Midnight Sun" was good, however it's safe to say that "Watch Out" is superior.

It reminds me of Snoop Dogg's "Drop it Like It's Hot" only with more energy, singing, and hotter boys which are all improvements to a song I already listened to about 1000 times. The chorus is great and catchy, the verses keep my attention and the video is a step above their low-budget debut video (which I loved also.) The bridge is literally shitting gold every fucking time I listen to it. The lowered synths over Junhyuk's smooth singing make for a true ear-gasm. My only complaint is that the area leading to the chorus could be a little shorter but that's minor.

The video is cool, I like the color smoke, and I enjoy the set changes and special effect used. Moonkyu is still hot as hell, I think I like him with purple hair way more than blonde but that may just be because I am biased to anything purple. I do wish he had more screentime and more lines in total, I feel like he had like one line. All the other members look good as well, however I don't like individual shots in-front of the bright-ass light bulb. Kid Monster looked like a woman there. I think the choreography could have been a bit better but that's mostly just the individual bits I'm talking about.

Before I leave:

Dear K-Pop,

Never say "fleek" again. It's lame when the kids at my school say it, it's lame when my thirty-something-year-old aunt says it, it's lame when celebrities say it, and it's lame when you say it.


I give this release a 5/5. Great song, and a great follow-up to "Take a Shot."

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