Tuesday, April 7, 2015

*Late*[MV Review] Boyfriend - BOUNCE

Damn you k-pop gods!! First Infinite infiltrates my bias list now Boyfriend?
Okay to be fair to Boyfriend, I've been a casual fan of theirs since "Janus" (that song and album was everything!) I also enjoyed all of their releases following with "Obsession" being my favorite. I like their change from kinda-generic aegyo songs, to this interesting hip-hop+swing+electro-pop. I feel like it sets them apart from other boy groups who changed to hip-hop/moody r&b ect...

I also like how their videos look now. They have very distinguishable concepts with a cool theme surrounding them which also sets them apart from other less-creative boy groups. This makes Boyfriend one of the most creative acts in k-pop to me. For instance, this "Alice in Wonderland" concept is fucking great! Totally worth a watch if you haven't seen it already.

The song is replayable as hell, and also quite the jam. I like the water-instruments (that's what I'm calling them), I LOVE the synths in this, and the horns are just the cherry on top. I think the chorus is also really catchy, although it could be better, the bridge totally makes up for it. The energy during the rap-break is good, because most songs have opted for slowing down songs during the rap break, but Boyfriend pulls a "Step" and makes the most energetic part of the song during the rap. Good call.

I overall give this release a 5/5. The song and video are two of my favorites of the year so far.

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