Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F(x) Are Preparing a New Album, Let's Rejoice!

Victoria and Krystal recently confirmed that F(x) is working on a new album. This should shut up everyone who was happily awaiting SM to issue out F(x)'s disbandment statement.

F(x) comes back once a year and it seems that they are keen on releasing one full length album a year which isn't going to disappoint anyone because they're albums are awesome.

What has everyone wondering is rather or not Sulli will be apart of this album or not. She's still on a hiatus but she's been spotted at F(x)'s events. I doubt SM would release an album without Sulli's voice on it since she isn't even out of the group nor does she seem to have any interest in leaving if she's been at events like cheering Amber on and such. But if she isn't, that will surely be odd. But like a wound, it will get worse before it gets better, and F(x) seems to always get better.

All I can guess is that the new album will be released in the summer since that is when most of F(x)'s comebacks are. Fingers crossed everything goes over smoothly.

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