Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[Fangirl Post] FUCK BTS

DISCLAIMER: When I say "Fangirl Post" I mean this will be relatively more fangirly than the norm. Not necessarily in a delusional way but more in a "Wholy fuck my ovaries are swollen" kind of way. For those who like my usual self, this isn't for you but keep reading if you feel this will entertain you and possibly make fun of me in order to bring back to reality.

Fuck you BTS. Fuck you hard. Fuck you too Big Hit Entertainment. Why am I saying fuck you to them? Because they want all of my fucking money as demonstrated by Jre in the video below at 2:17:

Oh and fuck this video for making me tempted into listening to more bits of the album before it's even came out with their Homosexual Buttocks Rhythm and Blues* that reminds me of Trey Songz and "Ice Box" era Omarion that I fucking love to shit. Fuck Big Hit for making them have fifteen comebacks a year and keeping their songs consistently good. Fuck BTS for taking all of my money**, and especially fuck Jimin because he's too hot for his own fucking good:

Fucking ass! You never return my text.***

* Homosexual Buttocks Rhythm and Blues is the politically correct term for "Gay-Ass R&B", a genre of music that I am a big fan of. 

** Big Hit is not really taking all of my money, I will willingly buy this album

*** I don't really text Jimin so no sasaeng rumors please.

#BLAMEBTS (see JREKML video above for reference.)

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