Friday, April 17, 2015

EXO's Sehun and Miranda Kerr's Blooming Relationship

                                                           (Credit goes to the owner of the picture.)

For a long time coming, EXO-L’s have been known for being... well, delusional.
Many like to pair themselves with their biases while others just can’t control themselves with the amount of fanservice that each ship has to give, some more than others. It’s no surprise at the reaction they offer when Baekhyun and Taeyeon officially announced their relationship. Some were heart-broken because their bias was off the market and/or Baekyeol could not be real anymore. Meanwhile, the rest of the fandom was alright with it as Baekhyun did have the biggest crush on Taeyeon and admit it, we all thought it was cute.

‘If Taeyeon noticed Baekhyun, why can’t my oppar notice me?!’ ran through the former group’s mind. I could write an entire essay on why your beloved oppar won’t notice you anytime soon but I won’t do so, for now.

About almost a year in, it was truly a gem, what happened recently. This time, it was Sehun’s time to shine with his long-time crush, Miranda Kerr. After what seems like a lifetime (for both us and Sehun), the goddess, Miranda, acknowledged Sehun’s existance on this vibrant planet. She posted a picture on Instagram, of a signed EXODUS album and a special message, which was ‘Check out our album. I’m a big fan!! E.X.O. Listen!!’ from Sehun.

“Thank you @oohsehun for my surprise signed album,” Kerr wrote on the thirteenth of April.
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There was, in fact, a LOT of responses from Twitter; some fangirls could not accept the fact that their bias had a bias of his own. Others were stating that idol-fan relationships were possible because look at Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s relationship; now look at Sehun’s and Miranda Kerr’s blooming one. (Pun was not intended.)

But nonetheless, Sehun had a joyous time and so did we. There is no doubt that Miranda and Sehun are getting closer.

(All we have to do is wait when the dating scandal emerges to see the fangirls go berserk.)

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  1. Isn't she married? lol
    Regardless, I think it's cure that Noonar noticed Sehun.