Saturday, April 11, 2015

EXID's "Ah Yeah" Teasers

I normally don't blog post about teasers because there is nothing really to say about them besides "sounds like it's going to be good" or "sounds like it's going to be shit" but I'll make exceptions for some groups who seem to have interesting teasers and EXID's certainly are interesting.
From the teaser, "Ah Yeah" sounds like where "Up & Down" left off: a sassy, upbeat hip-hop inspired track with some awesome sax for that extra something to slay. So it sounds like it's going to be good. The MV seems to be a take on slut-shaming with the humorous censorship on the already clothed girls, and I'm all for girl groups speaking out against slut shamming.

The album sounds like it will slay. The b-sides from here sound great. It has five new songs, "Up & Down", "Every Night" (which is it's third release lol) and the instrumental to "Ah Yeah". But um, not to nit-pick this could technically being their first full-length album. The maximum numbers required on a mini-album has always been seven to my knowledge and with the "Ah Yeah" instrumental this is an eight-track album, making it full length. It's just a bit weird to me, but hey maybe it's just how the company wants to market it. As long as the songs are good, no reason to complain I guess. 

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