Tuesday, April 7, 2015

[Dual Review] Inverse Relationship: MADTOWN and B.I.G

MADTOWN and BIG were both nugus in 2014. MADTOWN's "YOLO" was great to me but I thought BIG's "Hello" sucked ass. But now an inverse relationship has happened because  MADTOWN's new song is bleh, but I love BIG's new one.
For starters concepts have to be brought up. MADTOWN's hip-hop concept was good for them and they carried it well. But BIG's concept was just lame and so was the lyrics and the songs. So let's see what happens:



From the teaser of MADTOWN's new song, I thought I was going to love this song very much. The clings-and-clashes made it sound like it was going to be the early 2000's hip-hop that I love. But no, instead we get a cluttered mess of a song that would have been amazing if some of those layers were stripped and it was left way more simple. It also has too many jarring transitions and it just comes off as sounding like trash. Listening to it for a second time, I don't hate it as much and maybe with a couple of more listens (minus headphones) I could wind up liking it. But as for now, I'm not feeling it. At least all the boys look great in the video. This get's a 2/5 from me. (Maybe the album will be better maybe it will grow on me.)


As for BIG's new song, it's just a nice ear-worm electro-funk song. This is a welcomed change from their fail hip-hop image from 2014. It has a much better melody, better production and lots of soft and cherry vocals, and overall a lot more GROOVEY then "Hello." So it matches the concept of their name already! This reminds me a lot of something BtoB would release which is a very good thing. As for the video, it's obviously kind of low budget but it's nothing too bad. The boys are hot as fuck in the MV, and they look so much better then in "Hello." Who's the cutie withe the purplish gray hair? The sets are really pretty as well, I'm loving the neon lights. I don't really get the MV though, however the party-bus scene was pretty entertaining. This get's a 5/5.

So I guess MADTOWN's future release will be great but BIG's future one will suck and the inverse relationship will flip-flop like that. Either way, I just hope MADTOWN comeback with a better song next time and BIG keeps up this new images and sound because it really works for them.

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