Sunday, April 19, 2015

BTS is Returns With a Flawless "Walden" Concept (Teaser Pics)

About the teaser above: Yoongi is awesome, I was surprised that it was Yoongi who did the rapping this time instead of Namjoon but regardless I think this is pretty sweet. I like the lyrics a lot too and the animation is super cool. 

Onto the teasers, for those of you who don't know, "Walden" is a book (that I am studying in my English class) by Henry David Thoreau and it tells the story of his years living in the forest, and the name of the pond he lives by is named Walden. Since I am also studying horticulture in school I am fascinated with nature and the beauty it has to offer so you can guess I'm eating up "Walden" and I'm eating up BTS's beautiful Walden-inspired teaser pics below!

  BTS Releases Flowery Concept Photos for Upcoming Comeback

"Let's all dress up, fall asleep in a meadow, and take pictures." Said Big Hit.

  bts concept 01

Yoongi doing one of the things he does best.

   bts concept 02

Hoseok, the alluring tree-huger. I calmly accept.

  bts concept 03

I don't know if the beauty of nature is enhancing Jin's prettiness or if Jin's prettiness is enhancing nature's beauty. 

  bts concept 04

This picture is also very pretty but why u no zoom camera man? Eh, whatever it's still Jimin and the background is still gorgeous.

  bts concept 05

Blow dryers have no place in Walden.

                           bts concept 06

How he got on top of that tree in those shoes is a mystery to me, Tae still looks good up there.

  bts concept 07

Holy fucking shit this is gorgeous. Everything from the trees and grass to the man being photographed is truly beautiful. Namjoon will forever be wrecking my bias list.

  bts concept 08

The final is this random pic of JiKook which is fine by me since my first two biases are Jimin and Jungkook. Really pretty again, we get some more inner thigh action from Jimin, and for once we get to see Jungkook's upper thighs in a promo pic! Jungkook's legs and thighs are underrated. Don't know why but this is reminding of those romantic yaoi drawings/pictures.

As for my thoughts on this concept compared to their other ones, it's certainly different now that the have shed off the gold chains, beanies, jerseys, and leather however it's not a complete 180 like what BAP did with "Stop It" after they had released three singles, I'd say it's closer to a 150. Plus it isn't the first time BTS did a light hearted concept (they had that with "Just One Day" which was still hip-hop so it didn't get a lot of flack.) Anybody looking at these would probably think it's going to be a ballad album, however judging by the song in the teaser (which is more-than-likely going to be the intro knowing BTS) I would say it would touch on more west-coast sounding hip-hop like with "One More Day" and "War of Hormone" vs the east-cost sound they had been going for with songs like "No More Dream" and "Danger." But all in all I'm just hoping for a good song because BTS has yet to release a bad song, and a good album because BTS have yet to release a bad album.

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