Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Being a Fan of Music and Why Netizens Ruin That Experience


HYS_Fag recently posted this great article about why the focus on netizen comments has gone too far and I whole heartily agree, companies spend way too much time focusing on what the general public think of them. However this will be about the focus and why it sucks for music fans in general.

Not only do you lose brain cells when you read a netizen comment, not only do you want slap sense into them, and not only do they affect the musical and visual content of groups if companies care enough to abide by netizen rules, but it sucks for people who have individual thought.

Mob mentality has it's place, and k-pop is not the place for that. Bitching about something that offends you in the hopes that someone will care is stupid. Music is a form of expression and if you don't like what the artist expresses then don't listen to them. Not everybody is going to like what you like and not every artist is going to bind to your needs because you're a whiny sensitive bitch. 

Take for example, my thoughts on The Ark. Everyone is eating them up like they're the next big thing. As for me, I personally think that "The Light" is all kinds of boring and also extremely generic and I'd rather listen to Rubber Soul. Not only do I generally fucking hate acoustic rap, but I could also think of five other songs that sound just like it. People are also blown away at the fact that they can rap and dance like boy groups, however so can Sonamoo but everyone hates them for [insert bullshit "They're Under TS" reason here] and not only that, but I think "Deja Vu" is miles ahead of "The Light" in every single musical way. Does that make people wrong for liking them? No. Does that make me wrong for not liking them? No. Do I think their popularity is a fluke? Yes, but that's my opinion and if you don't like it, congratulations you posses human emotions. And it's not just with hip-hop groups, because G-Friend bores the hell out of me too, but I totally love Lovelyz, but everyone else hates them because [Insert bullshit Jisoo, Soojung, Them Now Being Under SM reason here.] However am I going to go under The Ark's and G-Friend's videos and bash them because they bore me? No because I'm not an asshole.

And if you want to talk popular groups then fine, I only like "Bonamana", "Sorry Sorry" and "Mamacita" by Super Junior because all of their other songs sound the same and it bores me. Come at me ELFs and see if I give a fuck. 

What makes these netizen comments even worse is that, it effects i-fans who want to be Koreaboos. People will look at the negative comments on sites like Netizen Buzz and let that represent the opinion of all Korean teenagers, so when they see comments like "Hyosung is fat and a whore, stop showing skin kekekeke!" then all of a sudden you have a blast of Koreaboo's on Hyosung's video telling her that she is a whore, fat, and needs to stop showing skin because they want to be Korean so bad.

I'm saying this because, I want people to have individual thought verses liking something because it is popular, and I'm also not leaving out you k-pop hipsters who bash on popular idol groups because they are popular. Liking something just because it is popular or unpopular is a very bad reason to like something, especially if it is in music where your opinion on the song and rather you like it should be the only opinion that matters when it's your ears that have to listen to the stuff. If you think a song is bad, then don't be afraid to admit it, if you think a song is good then don't be afraid to admit it. As long as people practice this mob mentality of "I must like A and not B because everyone else likes A and hates B" and vice versa, the longer we will go on without being true individuals. Stop worrying about what people think of your group, T-ara fans know this the best, it will only get in between music being a positive experience for you. Like what you like because you like it, not because of what other people think of it.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to check out the new BTS song and video and decide rather to praise it or rip it to shreds. Yes, I actually do decide rather or not I like a song or not before I review it. Yes I listen to a song multiple times before I review it too. I don't just mindlessly praise or mindlessly rip apart songs for the hell of it. If it is garbage, then I will more than likely mute it, put on "No More Dream" and fap to the video because its BTS which means the music video will be a visual dream.

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