Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Add BTS, Big Bang and Girl's Day to Comeback Calendar

Okay so I just did a post about F(x)'s comeback for summer so now let's talk about BTS and Gir's Day's sooner comebacks.

BTS - You all know I spazzed all of 2014 over BTS so of course I have hype for this comeback. But seriously Big Hit? BTS release stuff like every two weeks, and not to mention Rap Monster pullying a Beyonce by releasing a new MV off of his *good* mixtape every week! Next thing you know BTS will be the next T-ara, crotch thrusting with broken ankles and exhaustion attacks. Let's hope the song is good so it's worth it.

Big Bang - I want to be excited for Big Bang but YG loves to troll everyone. They already re-scheduled their comeback for May! I will sparingly have hype for Big Bang's arrival back into the market, but if it get's postponed for 2017 I won't be surprised. 

Girl's Day - I loved all of Girl's Day's efforts of 2014 so I'm excited to see what they're up to next! In case you're wondering (probably not) I thought Minah's solo song was al'right.

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