Wednesday, March 11, 2015

[MV Review] Rainbow - Black Swan

I am glad Rainbow [finally] made comeback! Not just because the song is great, but because cha_cha may finally come from under that rock.

cha_cha is a resident Rainbow fangirl (as am I) and I'm glad to see them back in the game. I actually liked "Tell Me Tell Me" and "Sunshine" (I'm not saying they were great by any standards but TMTM was catchy.) And the Rainbow Syndrome albums were both great so I was most definitely looking forward to this comeback when I saw Rainbow aimed for their "A", "Sweet Dream", "To Me", and "Mach" concept.

What's great about "Black Swan" is that it strays away from the trend in k-pop of being overly produced and flashy (not that being over produced and flashy is a bad thing but you get my point.) It takes on the minimalist rout of having deep sounding synthesizers the pick up during the chorus and carry out through leaving a great impact with out blasting through the ear drums. The bridge is actually nice and uses dubstep in the best way possible by using it as the transition with a heavy beat and then quickly transitioning into the slower beat for Woori's rap and ending with Hyunyoung's vocal runs. You may ask "Well what makes this one-second dubstep break down better then all the other ones in k-pop?" It doesn't fly off the rails and over-stay it's welcome. It could have been easy for it to stay a jumbled mess and fly off the rails during Woori's raps but it's just there to leave enough wonder and to also leave me grateful that somebody is good at using a dubstep break down for once.

The MV is actually pretty unique in terms of sexy concepts because of how conservative it is. Yes it's Rainbow being sexy with the sashay's and legs, but Rainbow are wearing dresses that are sexy, but they're also elegant and match the concept of Black Swan, a classic ballet, damn near perfectly. Keep in mind that I don't have a problem Stellar's staple concept it was really the (ass-wiping that turned me off) however, everyone wiped their asses in 2014, so to see Rainbow take this new turn on the sexy concepts to something sort of Broadway-esc is really interesting.

All the members look great and I'm glad to see Yoonhye get some styling that suits her. 

I give this release a 5/5. It's a really great song and style for Rainbow.

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