Wednesday, March 11, 2015

[MV Review] Lovelyz - Hi~

There is a lot in a Lovelyz comeback for me. For one "Candy Jelly Love" is MY jelly love, "Goodnight Like Yesterday" was pretty decent, the production on their "Girl's Invasion" album was awesome and they hold the sweet specimen that is Yein. The hype is here, and the hype will stay!

I know some of you will be confused as to how I could love "Hi~" and not "Glass Bead" but allow me to explain. Hi~ actually sounds like a song that was written for Lovelyz and their sound, and not trying to imitate an Apink b-side. Lovelyz style is the signature melancholy 80's sound which is what made "Candy Jelly Love" great and this is what makes Hi~ great. Apink and G-Friend have a 90's sugar-pop sound to them that can either be great or zzzzzz but with Apink it's mostly great. 

I love the usage of violin in the song, one of the things I loved about their Girl's Invasion album was that it took J-Pop and made it more listenable to my ears, and the same thing applies here. I loved the song from first listen and I love it now that I've had it on repeat for a while.

Onto the video, well for starters I'm glad that Jungkook Yein gets a lot of lines because she has a pretty voice and it means she gets more screen-time so that I can oggle at her (before you call me a pedo-unnir just know that I just made 17 in September and Yein will be 17 in June so stfu.) The other members do well, I actually like Jiae's parts even though it sounds kind of funny. The video is great as well with similar cinematography we got in CJL but instead of a classroom they opted for attics, which is also great! History is the last group I can think of with an attic concept and before that it was Gaeko. #FreeAtticConecepts2015. 

My short thoughts on the repackage are that it's definately good. It only has two new songs,
"Hi~" and "Joyland/Amusement Park" I really like Joyland/Amusement Park, it gives me a late 2000's pop feel. Beware of Jiae's chipmunk rap if you don't like it because it gets utilized a lot here, it's kind of creepy but it's not as iconic "You're the best ever cum in my life!" but I still want to see Jiae and BabySoul pull it off live.

I give this release a 5/5. It's so addictive!

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