Wednesday, March 11, 2015

[MV Review] FIESTAR - You're Pitiful

Fiestar comes back with a bang.

Fiestar had "The Song that Got Away" last year with "One More" on my favorites list, and that's mainly because there isn't a number between 2 and 3. But that aside "You're Pitiful" is a great tune. The melody is carried by warm acoustics and water-driven synths. The heavy drums in the back make it sound very other-worldly and not something that I would think of when I think "k-pop." It's truly great and I loved it from the very first listen, the vocals given by Linzy and Hyemi are both good as usual, Yezi's raps are servicable, Cao Lu's two lines left me wanting more then two fucking lines, and Jei was Jei.

The music video is a nice and typical story-driven girl-breaks-up-with-guy but it's not any less original than the other ones. I think she might have left the guy because he was gay because of the whole lip-stick thing but who knows. The lyrics are actually pretty angry considering they sing with softer tones then usual. 

But like life, Fiestar's music video has some things that make me groan. It's the over Jei hype. It's getting worse than Yoona, Hyuna, and Suzy combined these days, and what's worse is when some vocalizes the fact that they wish more members would get screen-time, Jei fans jump on them and accusing them of being a hater. WTF? Like you have to deal with your favorite member getting five-seconds of screen-time. I'm a Hyemi stan and I can tell you now if I were a dude that fapped I'd be pretty pissed I couldn't fap to my favorite member unless some faithful fans (God bless their hearts) made some fancams of them. Jei fans don't have that starvation because Jei gets 70% of the screen-time, majority of Fiestar's fancams and magazine shoots. Linzy get's shafted a bit too and she's the main vocal, Yezi gets more screen-time for her rap and Hyemi and Cao Lu might as well have gotten on set for ten minutes, filmed some scenes, and then went back to dancing backup.

Speaking of the dancing, I liked it a lot and the fashion was on point.

I give this release a 4.25/5. Re-playable song as usual but knocking off points for lack of Fiestar's other members.


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    1. Why thank you!
      ~There's a bit of Hyemi centered post coming soon