Wednesday, March 11, 2015

GOK Got Nominated for a VBA (Versatile Blogger Award) *In Shock*

Wow, just wow. I was nominated by Claudia from the blog Too Many Biases!

Since we both like BTS <3

Okay so according to the rules I should nominate fifteen bloggers who I think deserve this reward and write seven facts! Here it goes!
My Nominations

These are a list of people I think are pretty damn versatile with what they write. Keep in mind this is in no real particular order, just who came to me at what time. I don't follow many other blogs but the ones I do follow I think are really sweet!

All Writers from AKF

Claudia from Too Many Biases

Fany Pack and Soyeon Friend from The Fany Pack

Yeseulogy (I'm biased...)

Machi Girl from Machi Girl K-Pop Experience (She hasn't posted in a while :/ but she WAS good)

Yellow Slug of Yellow Slug Reviews

Jaques of Arcadey

Jen at From Head To Toe (not sure if makeup blogs count but I'm still nominating her.)

7 Facts About Suho_Ftw

To be honest, if you've been following me for a long time there isn't a whole lot I probably haven't told you but here's to it!

1.) I wish to attend college to and make a new home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2.) My favorite make-up products are eyeliner and concealer.

3.) My first love in music was rap, and I've always wanted to learn how to play the bass/cello.

4.) I suck at math and am mediocre at science

5.) I plan to become a novelist/ get a degree in English Lit., and I have worked summers at Columbia College in their writing workshop (idk if this counts as bragging but whatever.)

6.) My favorite color is purple. Purple is the ultimate color for me.

7.) My favorite number is seven(7)

Thanks again Claudia for nominating this insane blog! Have a great day everyone.

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  1. Awww, you're welcome!! And thank you for that Jimin gif <3 You nominated me! Since I already wrote my post, i'll edit it to add your name to thank you :D Good luck with getting into toronto!! Its so cool that you've worked in columbia, that's my dream uni T_t