Wednesday, March 18, 2015

[Dual-Review] Red Velvet - "Automatic" and "Ice Cream Cake"

Red Velvet is amazing to say the least.

Red Velvet's debut was great and I liked "Be Natural" a lot so needless to say I quickly became a stan of them, and Seulgi.

"Automatic" is their pre-release track and it's a smooth r&b track that people who are more fans of their "Red" side won't particularly like and I'll say that I wasn't partial to it at first, but after a second listen I liked it and soon after I was replaying it and signing along. It reminds me of 90's r&b which yes, isn't something a lot of people like but I love totally love it. It's just really nice on the ears and I enjoy the overall production. I think this is superior to "Be Natural".

The music video for "Automatic" is very sultry and doing a lot of the things you'd expect from a song like this, sultry, slow, kind of melancholy. My favorite part is the red-light scene during the bridge, I feel like majority of the MV should have been that.

Is SM trying to appeal to different races here? You got five Asian women styled like White women singing a style of music that is predominantly sung by Black people. Needless to say I think blonde looks iffy on most idols so I really only liked the darker shade of blonde/ginger on Yeri and Joy, the other members don't look bad (Seulgi still looks bomb!) but the blonde is just so meh.

I give "Automatic" a 4.5/5, but it could easily become a 5/5 with a few more listens.

"Ice Cream Cake" is fucking amazing. No growing necessary, I loved it from the start! The verses hold up well, the chorus is kick-ass and catchy as fuck. The rap is actually decent (for SM that is.) It's like if an F(x) and 2NE1 song had a baby. Everything about this song is straight up kick-assery, it's one of my favorite comebacks right next to 4Minute with "Crazy" and Boyfriend with "Bounce."

The music video is cool, not really the setting I was expecting for a song called "Ice Cream Cake" but I'll take it! They're in the desert kicking around having a fun time with their college clothes and GLOW UP JACKETS!!! All the members look good and the song is just amazingly fun.

So for that I give this release a 5/5.

Now onto the new member Yeri, I know a lot of people will be comparing this to when T-Ara added Hwayoung and how groups have this sort of "jinx" when adding new members. But I don't see that here, T-Ara added Hwayoung waaayyy after their debut and after they had their success, and became a top tire group. Yeri is being added to Red Velvet after they've had a little wiggle room with their debut and some public success, plus she actually trained with them so I don't see them having T-Ara vs. Hwayoung type of situation but we'll see. Until then, congratulations to Yeri for becoming a new member of RV! Those who have a problem with RV's extending member line might have to get over it because apparently there's going to be a new member for every comeback until it reaches like ten or eleven members. 

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