Thursday, March 26, 2015

Arcadey Releases His Most Laughable (For the Wrong Reasons) Article Ever

I'm a fairly new fan of the Arcadey blog. I think generally his post make me laugh (for the good reasons.) However in one of his recent articles about Red Velvet, it made me laugh for the wrong reasons.

I never say anything bad about a blogger tbh, back when this blog was new and terrible I said I would never bash anyone and I have stayed true to that promise, so keep in mind I'm not blowing off Arcadey because of this article because: A.) His blog is older, more famous and he's way more liked than my nugu-ass blog and B.) His blog is actually really funny and neat when you get passed some of that Perez-Hilton like humor.

Well where did this article go wrong to me? Well...

1.) Calling Any K-Pop Group "Replaceable" is Stupid

No group in k-pop is replaceable because every k-pop group ever tries to do something unique from the image right down to the sound. Sure on the surface Lovelyz, APink, and G-Friend may have a similar image but you can still tell the groups apart. Just because a group has a similar look and sound to a previous group that you may prefer doesn't make the older group "replaceable." If that's all it takes for a group to become "replaceable" then Crayon Pop just replaced T-Ara with "FM".

2.) Red Velvet and F(x) Aren't Even That Similar in the First Place

Sure RV may seem like the new F(x) but that's just because F(x) is really the only "weird" group SM has ever put out. RV is way more zany and their music is way more experimental (talking "Happiness" and "Ice Cream Cake" not "Be Natural" and "Automatic" of course) than majority of F(x)'s output. Aside from that, it's obvious F(x) are marketed as an alternative k-pop group because all five-members look completely different and don't sound the same. A lot of people know everyone in RV is conventionally pretty aside from Seulgi and Joy who are more "exotic" looking for an idol. But it is still easy to get them confused. Victoria looks different from Amber who looks different from Luna who looks different from Sulli who looks different from Krystal. No getting the member of F(x) confused because that's how SM wanted F(x) to be. SM obviously has a way-different target and image from RV.

3.) Stanning Luna is a Bad Thing?

"My biases are Joy and Yeri because they’re the prettiest. I originally stanned Wendy but then I found out she’s the best singer which makes her the Luna of Red Velvet so I had to stop."

Don't know if it's for personal reasons or maybe he just finds Luna ugly or maybe he's just tickling our assholes but think if you were reading a delusional fangirls' forum:

"I  stan Big Bang. I like nugus BTS too but Big Bang is the best because they're from YG and YG is the best that there ever was and ever will be. Yes YG is the MICHAEL JORDAN of k-pop companies!!!111

My biases in BTS are Jungkook and Jin. I USED to stan Jimin but THEN I found out he's the sensitive-vocalist of the group which makes him the Daesung of the group so I had to stop."

And I'm not saying liking an idol purely for looks is a bad thing. I stan Kpopalypse for Christ sake! And to be honest, most k-fans chose idols based off of their looks but deny it because they don't want to seem "shallow" or whatever. The mirror speaks for itself because if k-fans truly didn't care about how pretty their idols were then Yoona, Krystal, Irene, Hyuna, and Dara wouldn't be the most popular members of their groups with the most fans and Hani's fancam wouldn't have gone viral.

Now if any Arcadey fans are reading this and are offended, just know that I'm not bashing him, and I DO like his blog. I'm pretty sure Arcadey has seen way worse said about him by the amount of hate he said he STILL gets from people who hate him for stanning k-pop idols from back when he blogged about western music. I agree with him whole-heartily on how amazing Red Velvet's music is because their mini album is pretty damn good and I can't stop replaying the crap out of "Somethin' Kinda of Crazy". Does it sound like SM took the best of SNSD and the best of F(x) and put them together on an album? Yes, but that's not "replacing" them. And let's be honest, if there is any k-pop group that could be replaced, F(x) would be the farthest thing from it.

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