Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 Female Bias List by Suho_Ftw

Yes it's that time for updated bias lists. I did a male one a few posts ago so now here's a female bias list. I stan male and female groups equally so expect the same amount of spazzing.

I decided to make this list a countdown and also to write  a bit more on why they're my biases since most girls shaft their female biases I want to be a bit different. Hope you enjoy!

10. CL (2NE1)


Yeah 2NE1 have been kind of a drag these past few years but it's impossible to give up on a group that has more hits in their discography in five years then most artist have in thirty, and the fact that CL leads this group makes her admirable. I honestly like her not giving-a-fuck-just-living life attitude. Call me ugly? Well my group is still top tire. Call me a bad rapper, I still rap because it's what I like to do. If Park Bom can still get praise over her shredded voice, I can still get praise on my slow-rapping. Call 2NE1 flops, well we were the most successful girl group of 2014. Say what you want about CL, well she's still on my bias list.

9. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)


How great was MAMAMOO in 2014? Better yet, just how good is Moonbyul? When one first looks at Moonbyul and how she's styled you'll think she's just another member of the group. But once the spotlight hits her you'll see just how unique looking she really is, with that bunny-esc face Moonbyul is basically a female J-Hope and mean that as a compliment because J-Hope is pretty hot. Not only that but her rapping is rather serviceable and distinguishable, and she created the coreogrphy to "Mr. Ambiguous" which was some of my favorite choreo from 2014. To top it off she's also pretty sweet and funny so that's just the cherry on top of an already supreme milkshake.

8. Hyemi (FIESTAR)


To be honest, only two of you probably know she's exist, and that's SevPoots and KPopular. She's not always pushed to the front like Jei or Linzy and to be honest it's understandable why many people wouldn't know. At first I was a Linzy and Yezi stan, but then I noticed Hyemi and all of a sudden, FIESTAR was so much more.


Could it be her laughter?

Or her voice? Or her totally underrated gorgeousness??? I don't know what exactly draw me to Hyemi, she's like some sort of siren that draws you in only to be hidden with the rest of the FIESTAR members that aren't named Jei or Linzy. Is this stupidity upon the label or genius? A future article will tell.

7. Soyeon (T-ara)


Soyeon was always my #2 in T-ara and their "Sugar Free" comeback was nothing more than awesome. So what else was awesome about "Sugar Free"? Soyeon of course. Soyeon was the one who captured my attention right away. With her dolly eyes and cute smile, it's hard to not fall hard for her. Also her voice is down right gorgeous and filled with emotion and soul:

Also T-ara's best fan Kpopalypse pretty much lays it down straight about when she was a leader for T-ara:

22. best leader? "T-ara’s Soyeon by such a wide margin that it’s not even funny. To lead T-ara through the crisis and hate that they had to continued commercial success shows true guts and, dare I say it, REAL determination (as opposed to what netizens think determination is in their wet power fantasies). She makes other k-pop “leaders” look like leaders in name only. She didn’t even give up the leadership role at the end of last year (which she could have easily done and was expected to do so – T-ara have rotating leadership and they usually swap it every 12 months) – clearly she’s keen to be certain the ship is sailing right before she lets go of the wheel. You can’t fuck with that integrity."

She clearly shows some straight up bravery there. Nothing can compare to Leader Soyeon T-ara era.

6. High.D (SONAMOO)


When Sonamoo debuted everyone was either bitching about BAP or fapping to Lovelyz. I was one of the few that actually listened to the song, watched the music video, and listened to the album as well and thoroughly enjoyed it, so High.D is fully qualified to be on this list thank you very much! Much can't be said about the members of Sonamoo yet because they haven't really been on variety to my knowledge but I can say that High.D is just grabbed my attention from the start. She has a very unique tone that I like, and her high note in "Deja Vu" which most people chose to ignore so they could bitch about how "untalented" Sonamoo is in the vocal department, is life! She's also really pretty and all there is left to do at this point is to wait for the next Sonamoo comeback so they can hopefully gain some more popularity and make it on variety soon.

5. Jiyoon (4Minute)


Admit it. Jiyoon rocks green hair better than all of your faves and still manages to be the underdog of 4Minute. From a fan perspective, I can see why. She's not the go-to girl like Hyuna, the leader with actress visuals like Jiyoon, the main vocalist like Gayoon nor the adorable maknae like Sohyun. If anything, at first glace Jiyoon just looks like a tomboy that got lost in 4Minute land and somehow got stuck in the group. And that's what makes her so awesome. She's a chameleon, because although she sticks out like a sore-thumb, she looks as if she belongs in 4Minute. She can sing well, rap well and dances well making her mad-soloist material, and she seems to be able to carry any concept Cube throws at her rather if it's some weird 80's dancer:


Or sexy 90's biker chick:

                               Ready Go: Jiyoon - 4Minute
Praise "Ready Go" era Jiyoon!

Or just about every 4Minute concept ever. In my eyes, Jiyoon is the best 4Minute has to offer. 

4. Yein (Lovelyz) and Seulgi (Red Velvet)


Of course a Lovelyz member would make it on this list But I know some of you may be thinking "Wtf is Jungkook doing on a female bias list?" No that is not Jungkook in a wig. It is Jungkook in a wig and dress cosplaying as his female alter ego Yein who is every bit as adorable as him. Technically when he is Yein he is female (just like when drag queens are there female alter ego's they are called "she's") so Yein fully qualifies to be on this list... Okay Jungkook-in-drag jokes aside Yein is just plain old adorable, that's all I need to say. See "Hi~" you're not convinced. She's also a pretty good dancer aside from having a nice voice and pinch-able cheeks:

Nb4 "SUHO FTW IS A PEDO UNNIR" Just know that I'm only 17 1/4 years old, Yein will be 17 in about three months making this totally legal. If you need further justification, I was born in September of 1997, Yein was born in June of 1998 making us both in the same grade if she went to school in my country. No need to bring Chris Hansen in this. 

  Seulgi Red Velvet

Believe it or not, Seulgi is the main visual of Red Velvet but is the least-liked member in Red Velvet and the least popular. That's strange because usually the visuals are the most popular in k-pop groups but not here. It's obvious why SM made her the main visual, she's the only member that you can automatically distinguish from the others. But of course beauty standards are all about making people look plainer and less distinguishable so she get's booted to the bottom. Which is great because only those who can handle witnessing such a beauty should be able too. The fact that she is a main visual and a lead vocalist AND a good dancer is just the icing on an already good cake.

3. Seungyeon (KARA)

Most people that have been reading this blog for a while knows that I'm quite partial to Hamie and hamsters in general. Seeing as I find Seungyeon the most attractive female in k-pop it's pretty much known that she would make on my list. Hamie is adorable from head to toe as well as the best vocalist in KARA and had a pretty great solo back in 2012 with "Guilty". She's also pretty content with telling people with no lives to fuck off. "Pandora" era Hamie is also pretty fucking jjangbak:


Her fancams are literally the best.

Oh and if you're too lazy to click on the link and need some determination here's an example:

2. Luna (F(x))


Luna is f(x)'s whimsical fairy with hurricane vocals, sharp dance skills, and undenying unconventional beauty. Not many people paid attention to Luna until 2014, when she practically slayed the Red Light promotions with no mercy with her new short blue hair and newly embraced sexiness.



I only have one thing to say: I called it and so did every Luna stan. Luna was a force to be reckoned with already so it was honestly just a matter of time before SM stopped dicking around and got a stylist that knew what they were doing (i.e. "Rum Pum Pum Pum" era.) Luna is proof that you can be multi-talented, hot, and have a generally interesting and seemingly kind personality all at the same time.

1. Taeyeon (SNSD)


Same with 2NE1, it's been a bit of a while since SNSD released a Korean gem but "Holler" was still as great as ever and Taeyeon is still as awesome as ever. Garnering a lot of hate in 2014 for dating Baekhyun, "apparantly" kicking out Jessica, and something about evil oreos, it hasn't been her best year in terms of publicity but I don't think Taeyeon gives a fuck. And why should she? She's the leader of the #1 k-pop girl group in the world, super pretty, got a nice voice, dating someone from a top boy group, and the ring-leader behind TaeTiSeo? Needless to say, Taeyeon's counting her blessings and I'm equally as grateful. She was my first k-pop girl bias, I was just drawn to her charming looks, dorky personality, charismatic voice, and her well deserved nickname: "ByunTae."


Needless to say, I can relate a lot to her. Replace Jessica in that pic with a dude and that's pretty much me.

That wraps up my female bias list. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Nice list. Byuntaeng is so iconic.
    I kinda expected Jiyeon to be in this list. Thought Soyeon was your #2 in T-ara?

    1. The comment under this was meant to be a reply. My phone makes the blog look wierd sorry.

  2. It flip flops between the two in all honesty. One promotion it's Jiyeon the next, it's Soyeon. I can never chose who I like more. I might edit this list so that Soyeon and Jiyeon share a spot like how Seulgi and Yein are.

  3. "it's been a bit of a while since SNSD released a Korean gem"
    Ngl Mr.Mr is one of my favoruite songs they've done (can't say the same about Catch Me If You Can though whoops).

    Good list overall though, I especially approve of sly fox Taeyeon, Hyemi, and Seungyeon.

    1. Thanks! Mr.Mr. is wierd for me. If I don't listen to it for a while, I think it's incredibly boring. But when I listen to it I enjoy jamming to it.

  4. How do you find Hyeyeon(Seungyeon's alter ego)?

    1. Hyeyeon's adorable! She's my BESTie bias and within my top 15 biases for sure.