Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some Much Needed Bangtan Content

It wouldn't be GOK without the constant pandering of BTS, both good and bad. A lot has happened so let's get on with it.

This Random Ass Performance Teaser:

BTS release new stuff like every two weeks. Big Hit loves money to say the least. Needless to say this was awesome and the song choices fit pretty well. I'll have to gif J-Hope @5:03 when I get my computer back.

"Wake Up" Japanese Album Release:

This is the title song "Wake Up" not the whole album btw.

I have the same feelings towards this as AKF's feelings in his T-ara "Jewelry Box" Album Review. It's just a bunch of re-hashes of their Korean songs in Japanese. But their Japanese isn't all that good and the only thing good about the Korean re-make of "No More Dream" was the music video. It just has like three new songs and the rest are bad remakes of great songs. However I like the three new songs, and "Wake Up" (video above) is really great, I think that mainly has to do with it being a song meant for a Japanese release. It really reminds me a lot of A Tribe Called Quest's "Jazz" (We Got) which is good because one of the main things that got me into BTS the fact that their sound reminded me ATCQ, and "Wake Up" is definitely within my top 5 BTS songs. The other two songs are decent too and worth a listen too however the rest of the album is full of songs that should not be remade into a language that doesn't work off of the same melodies. 

Jin and Jimin Make Not One, But TWO Porno's (in a hotel):

Needless to say, you fapped. Unf.

Their Stylist Had Way Too Much Acid Before this Photo-shoot:

Okay so Jungkook, Jin and Namjoon all look good. I don't know what the fuck Jimin has on but he still looks hot so it's all good. But what the fuck happened to J-Hope? He usually looks fantastic in photo-shoots but what anti's styled him that day? His shoes look like they came from the lades section of some cheap shoe knock-off shop, and he looks like he's been photo-shopped to look way shorter then V. To top it all off, his head looks like it was photo-shopped on top of his neck specifically to look bigger than the rest of his body. It looks like V raided my middle-aged uncle's closet because I swear to God that he has that exact same tie-dye shirt and dad-jeans. Yoongi is dressed like my other middle-aged uncle back when he was a DJ in the 90's. What the fuck man? I get they were going for a 60's hippie look, and apparently the stylist decided to do his/her all and take some acid for inspiration because they were definitely "tripping" when they picked out some of these outfits. Notice the background.

Jungkook's alternate group Lovelyz Release a Teaser for Their New Song "Hi~"

I know it's a teaser but the song sounds pretty. The video looks it will have the same glorious cinematography as the "Candy Jelly Love" music video. Jungkook Yein looks adorable.

Also, I went to the Bull's game yesterday and they beat the Milwaukee Buck's so here is a picture of Jimin in a Bull's jersey to celebrate:


Dat golden basketball tho.


  1. Ahahahaha, you're really funny :P But I agree, Bighit sure loves some money~


    1. They should change their name to BigMoney Entertainment XD

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