Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Now That I Can't Stan JooHo Anymore, I Guess JungEin Will Do


"About time you found someone else..."

I used to constantly say that Suho was Jooyeon's male-alter ego and stan the hell out of both of them. But now that Jooyeon's left After School to spend more time helping EXO out as Suho, I can't stan them the same. However, I guess two new male and female idols are going to help feel the gaping hole that's been in my heart now that JooHo is now no longer existent. 

Yein of Lovelyz is Jungkook of BTS's female alter ego:


It's like Jungkook put on a wig and a school girl uniform and started taking pictures of Lovelyz until he eventually became a member of the group. EXCELLENT!!!

I guess there was only so much hip-hop swag he could take before he needed some Candy Jelly Love in his life.

Oh and guess what, I'm not the only one who noticed:

The resemblance is there. Okay, it's not AS striking as Jooyeon and Suho but it's definitely enough for me to start stanning Yein as Jungkook's female alter-ego. 

What's also interesting is that they are the maknae's of their groups and have the most fans out of their groups, battling pedo-noona's and pedo-oppa's alike. 


Can it sustain the thought of lovely Jooyeon cross-dressing as wonderful Suho for a taste of the boy band life? I don't know, and JooHo will forever have a place in my heart. But that won't stop me from seeing where JungEin will lead.

On a side note, Yein is unfairly pretty:


Totally adorbs.

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