Wednesday, February 4, 2015

[MV Review] GFriend - Glass Bead

I'm in the minority because I'm not foaming at the mouth over this review.

For starters the song is not bad but it is far from good. The song sounds like an A Pink throw-away track which is better then a GP Basic throwaway track. It's an obvious tribute to 90's music which is fine with me but it has no real pick up and no real sound that I can get into. I honestly couldn't make it through the whole thing the two times I tried watching it because I kept getting bored.

The video is fine and what you would expect from a song like this. The only problem I have are the stupid netizens that will go "ZOMG AN INNOCENT GROUP THAT DOESN'T SHOW SKIN LIKE THOSE AOA WHORES!!!111" But AOA make a song about wearing mini-skirts but wear long dresses for majority of the time and get slut-shamed, meanwhile GFriend make some cutesy song about a Glass Bead and wear skirts so short you can practically see their ass-cheeks and everybody loves them because of their "sweet" and "innocent" image.

Sorry but I'm not that stupid, the hype ain't all that amazing to me for this one.

I give this release a 2.5/5. Lackluster debut, but maybe they will get something better in the future.

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