Saturday, February 7, 2015

[MV Review] A.Kor - Always

Apparantly if you like A.Kor's songs then you're a 2NE1-anti. Well screw-that because I love 2NE1 and I love this song!

I feel bad for A.Kor because if it weren't for the Park Bom diss they would probably be HUGE in Korea. Minju and Kemy's pre-debut mixtape-song "And Go" was awesome and I liked their debut song "But Go", however "Always" is an amazing as fuck release in just about every way!

What I like about "Always" is that is a pure ear-worm song with a great, simple, and pretty melody accompanied by some warm-sounding acoustics, some electric guitar, strong drum, and sunken-in keyboard riffs during the verses that build up to a fantastic and rocking chorus with tons of energy and makes for a fucking fantastic song that is easily my favorite release of the year so far. This reminds me of something AOA Black would try and people would probably love it too. It's just an amazing song, I've been replaying it so much lately, and it's solidified me as a fan of A.Kor.

The music video is really cool and extremely well done. The sets are interesting, the the dance is cool, the fashion is superb, the girls look great (Shout out to Jinyoung!!!) I especially like the dollhouse set and I think that is stupidly-creative as well with the way it's done in this video. I see EXID's animal-headed man stumbled in A.Kor's video. He seems to have had a hard time finding his way back to Ke$ha.

I give this release a 5/5, amazing song and video.


  1. Agreed. I lurve the song and video!

    1. Whenever I get home from school I always start singing it at the top of my lungs!

  2. Agreed. I lurve the song and video!