Tuesday, February 10, 2015

[MV Review] 4Minute - Crazy


So everyone who isn't into k-pop is gushing on about the grammys, but I don't give a fuck about award shows, especially when 4Minute release an amazing song and video on the same day.

To start off with long-ass review, I want to start where it began. I've been a 4Minute fan as long as I've been a F(x), SNSD and 2NE1 fan, and back in 2012 when they released "Volume Up" I was sure that they were just one hit song away from becoming my second favorite girl group. But what had to happen? CUBE just HAD to hire Brave Brothers who can only produce good songs for AOA and BESTie, to produce the utter turd that was "What's Your Name?" and the-slightly-less-turdy-but-still-a-turd that was "Whatcha Doin' Today?" and knocked them down some points. So when I heard of 4Minute's comeback, I was scared. When I heard it wasn't by the Brave Bro's I got a little relieved. When I heard that it was going to be closer to their HUH days, I was really relieved. And when "Cold Rain" and the teasers came out I was stoked. 

And boy did this song and video not only meet my expectations, but exceeds them.

This song basically takes the two turds by Brave Sound and remove all the shit from them. Instead of worthless wubs, we get some great EDM beats and wubs are used to enhance the beats, are not  the beats themselves. We get an awesome build-up to the chorus by Gayoon and her eargasmic vocals! That was one of the things that made "Volume Up" so amazing and is just as awesome here. We get cute bits from Jihyun and Sohyun getting some well-needed screen-time and the bridge by Jihyun is great too. Instead of some sing-songy chorus, we get a badass chorus that gets your blood pumping. And instead of Lil' Wayne and any-other-nu-school-rapper rapping over some over-bearing trap beat, we get Hyuna and GODDESS Jiyoon rapping over a much-better trap beat.

The video is great as well. Instead of the barf-off rainbows (and not in a good way) music videos with extremely cheap-looking fashion that was a trend in the Turdy Songs videos, we get a crisp and clean looking black and white music video with serviceable hip-hop fashion for all of the girls with Gayoon taking on her version of Dara's hair from "Happy" only not making it look like something you'd see in a cartoon. With a Nike head-band that I haven't seen in music videos since the mid-2000's, but the overall feel of the music video seems 2003-2005-ish. I really do love the fashion because it's hip-hop without being ridiculous. I even love Jiyoon's random green hair,Gayoon's odd baggy pants, Hyuna's push-up bra(?), and the basketball the gear the back-up dancers are sporting all give it a sort of mid-2000s raunchy look to me that I love.

It's hard to pick a favorite part of the song since the whole thing is pretty great, but if I had too then it would definitely be Jiyoon's rap verse. This isn't me being biased (I swear! >.....>, <.....<) But the verse is just very...J-Hope-ish(???!!!) Okay hear me out, you guy's know I like J-Hope's rapping for how distinguishable it is and Jiyoon's rapping hear reminds me of him because of the nasaly-tone and the way she grits her voice when she says "LONDON!" I fucking love that part, and of course the goofy-confidence she carries with it. I also like that they let Jiyoon get a rap verse instead of just giving all of the rapping to Hyuna (although I like Hyuna's rapping too.) I of course love the other members parts as well, but just the way Jiyoon rapped her verse was just pleasing to me.

I give this release a 5/5, a great comeback that has redeemed 4Minute A LOT. I might do an album review because from what I've heard so far, it sounds really good.


  1. I thought the song was pretty good to begin with, but then it grew on me and now I think it's even better than Volume Up. I just love the Gayoon part with the fast beat build-up.

    1. I love that part too. Her voice sounds amazing during that part. In all honesty the more I listen to the song the better it gets hehe.

  2. I also loved this MV and this song to pieces :P Amazing comeback from 4minute~


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