Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Infinite, I Owe You a HUGE Apology

The first Infinite song I ever heard (don't remember) I didn't like and just sort of didn't really listen to anymore of their stuff. But I feel like a total idiot right now because I have been listening out on some quality music and eye-candy.

I certainly enjoyed the song, it's quite excellent for a ballad. It's like what almost every single k-pop ballad ever tried to accomplish but could never quite get right. Kpopalypse and Zaku both had "Back" in their top favorite songs of 2014, so I took the recommendation, and gosh I fell in love.

I missed out BIG time in 2012 on "The Chaser." This is a great fast paced 80's infused song that honestly nobody could hate.

This is probably my favorite track from them seeing as it's damn near perfection.

All of the members are great and each one seems to have some sort of talent to bring to the table which is good for an idol group.I'm claiming Woohyun as my bias in the group. 




Yes, yes, yes. Yes to all of this. What a babe.

Not paying attention to Infinite was blasphemous. I owe you huge apology Infinite. I am deeply sorry for overlooking you. May your next comeback be glorious as ever. I may have to adjust my bias list to make it up to you.

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