Friday, February 20, 2015

EDM (Electronic Dance Muzik) - Why 4Minute and Other K-Pop Groups Are Being Witch-Hunted for "Plagiarism"


It has come to mine, as well as a lot of other k-fans out there, that groups and producers in k-pop keep getting called out for "plagiarism" but they keep getting away with it? Why is that you may ask? Because it's mainly people who don't know what the fuck they're talking about making the accusations, and this is reflected no better then in 4Minute's recent "plagiarism scandal."

So everyone knows of 4Minute's recent awesome comeback with "Crazy." If not I will place the video below for viewing purposes.

There's a reason why everyone likes this comeback a lot. For one it's 4Minute's best comeback in two years, and two it's great follow-up to the EDM+Trap Hip-Hop scene that's becoming so prevalent these days. For those of you who don't know, EDM is classified as "Electronic Dance Music." Now-a-days a lot of producers are blending the trend of EDM with the trend of Trap Hip-Hop songs. Two good examples of EDM would be After School's "Flashback"Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby", and alot of T-ara songs. Some examples of songs that have a lot of Trap influence over them would be majority of YG songs these days.

If you listen to the group of EDM songs I listed, you'll hear similarities but you will also hear extreme differences. If you listen to the group of trap songs I listed, the similarities are even more noticeable but you still get the gist that these are vastly different songs. This is normal with specific music genre's like EDM and Trap because these genre's have specific characteristics to follow to even be considered EDM or Trap. And this ain't new, because anybody who is a doo-wop or reggae fan knows that damn near every song sounds exactly the same but has enough going for it that it makes itself it's own song. So why are k-pop fans making such a big deal?

Because they don't know what the fuck they're talking about. They have untrained ears, and they haven't even researched what the plagiarism laws even are. Hell, they haven't even sat down and read a Kpopalypse article or two to know what the fuck the difference between a sound-alike and plagiarism is. They think anything that sounds like from that-one-song-from-that-one-artist-that-I'll-pretend-to-know-to-sound-cool and what is considered plagiarism.

So when these said people hear Knife Party's "Boss Mode" of course they're gonna flip out because "they hear certain similarities" and that makes it plagiarism.

Personally when I listened I didn't see what they were talking about. On Korea-boo they were all like "they sound exactly alike from start-to-finish" so I had to hear it. But then I listened to it and said "WTF??? These songs sound NOTHING alike. Sure there is some similarities but not enough for them to be considered remotely the same song!!!"

Okay so you may be wondering, "That's all fine and dandy suho_ftw but what do the producers of the people who have claimed to have been plagiarized off of?" Well in 4Minute's recent scandal a fan of the group Knife Party tweeted the song to Rob Swire (producer of Knife Party) and said something along the lines of "Dude these chicks from Korea are jacking your swag yo!"

And Rob Swire said he didn't hear any plagiarism.

So you think that k-pop fans would be all like "Okay man, if the dude doesn't hear any plagiarism then it there must be no plagiarism." Right? No, instead people are insisting that they still plagiarized and sending him edits of "Boss Mode", the song he fucking produced, to him. What's worse is that people are saying he's a delusional 4Nia and that he's choosing not to hear any plagiarism. 

Guy's I can't make this shit up. 

I would screen-cap the stuff, but my lap-top's still in the shop and I can't do it on this computer so I will link the article on Omona They Didn't here so you can view the comments for yourself.

Where do I begin???

How the hell do you tell someone they don't know what their song sounds like? Did you produce the shit? Did you arrange it? Have you even taken a fucking high school music class? Are your ears trained in the slightest of ways? If someone stormed into your classroom and said that "Suzy plagiarized your paper!" then you read it and found Suzy ain't plagiarized shit but they keep insisting that she did, wouldn't you get offended? It's almost as if saying "Because I am a self-righteous idiot that knows-shit-because-I-just-fucking-know I am right and you are wrong. Even though I had absolutely no connection with this song what-so-ever other then the fact that I may or may not like I AM RIGHT BELIEVE ME MAN I AM RIGHT!!! I KNOW SHIT I JUST KNOW IT!!! YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT."

This why blogs like Anti Kpop-Fangirl exist.

The only good thing that came out of this laughing-fiesta was that I found "Boss Mode" which is a really good song in my opinion. 


  1. Typical, accuse the fat whore of plagiarism. Why are they so mean? :(

    1. Woah, I'm just now realizing that the Suzy from above can be misunderstood as Suzy from MissA. NO RELATION FOLKS, (I love Suzy.)

      As for why k-pop fans are so mean, I can't answer that PTS_Sr. I do know that they are the type to criticize an idol for coming off aloof and then call them sluts, whores, bitches, bullies, ect... in the comments so go figure *shrug* :/ It's sad.