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2015 Male Bias List by Suho_Ftw


I don't care how old that picture is. Look at dat face! UNF!

I brought in the new year with 2014 male bias list ruiners now let's see who made it onto the list, who stayed, and who just flat out wrecked this bias list!

1. Onew (SHINee)


Despite SHINee's lack of activity with music last year (sans Taemin) Onew still remains #1 on this list, and let's just face it, he'll more then likely remain #1 on this list. He has since I got into SHINee a good four years ago. He's just very likable,dorky, funny, and not to mention incredibly hot with a voice filled with honey.

2. Jimin (Bangtan Boys)


This shouldn't come as a shock to anybody, seeing as a good chunk of my articles last year were about Jimin and BTS in general. In all honesty who could blame me since BTS is most definitely something to talk about. Jimin especially, his voice gives me diabetes as well as his general actions. Also super duper hot with some great aesthetics going on. This has nothing to do with his body by the way, I'm talking all face right now. Also he has some thighs worth talking about but I'm saving that for the thighs post I've been working on for a century. I honestly don't see Jimin getting removed from #2 spot or this list anytime soon unless GD releases some mind-blowingly good song, which brings me too...

3. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

GD was originally my #2 but well, one two many trips to YG's hydroponics lab and "Dirty Vibe" happened which knocked him down a peg for me. But I guess when your a GD fan like me and think that one shit song can't possibly compete with great songs like "Crooked" and "Crayon" and majority of his other songs then keeping him within the top 5 seems reasonable. I particularly like GD's music for the same reason people hate it, he makes sucky music sound good. Sure it's brain-numbing nonsense but I like that as well. GD is also really cute and adorable so he's easy to forgive.

4. Zelo (BAP)


There will probably be some protest against Zelo being on the list but that's mainly because they're currently inactive with the TS lawsuit. With that said, inactivity doesn't equal disbanding so Zelo or any BAP member for that case qualifies to be on this list. Zelo's been my BAP bias since BAP debuted an I became totally obsessed with their music. I like his rapping, and his face,and his great dancing, and him being cute on variety and him basically being everything that would pop into your head when you say "Giant Maknae." 

5. Moonkyu (HOTSHOT)


First nugu-nugu. If you don't know who HOTSHOT is or are just now getting on this blog or didn't read my top 20 songs of 2014, nor don't know about pre-debut EXO then you'll have no clue who this is. But that's okay because Moonkyu is still hot as fuck, and is helping the gaping wound that has been in my bias-heart since Lee Joon's departure from MBLAQ since he reminds me of him. For some reason I find his nasaly voice appealing to ear even during the very nu-school rapping in "Take a Shot." Also he's very, very, hot. I know I mentioned that somewhere in this paragraph but I'm just mentioning that again in case you forgot.

6. Mark (Got7)

  Mark's been my fave since Got7's debut and he caught my attention in the "Girls Girls Girls" MV. Besides his weird hair I also noticed that his rapping didn't sound too bad, his dancing was fun to watch, and his face was hella cute. So I watched RealGot7 on YoutTube and just completely fell for it. I guess it also helps that Got7 had three amazing songs in 2014 with Mark looking great in all three videos. Yes, guys the musical quality of a group is boosting bias points, I don't know if that is more or less shallow but who cares.

7. Ilhoon (BtoB)


Ilhoon's been on this list for a while and shows no signs of getting off. BtoB had two really good tracks this year that I enjoyed jamming to. But Ilhoon is just a hilarious idol and an incredibly cute potato. If Cube isn't making fun of the g.o.d fans for the fan color war, Ilhoon probably is behind the scenes. His selca skills are also noteworthy.

8. Suho and Xiumin (EXO K&M)


It's about time they show up. I swear they would be higher if not so many bias-list wreckers entered in 2014. But EXO had a good year musically last year with the great "Overdose" and that was it before the tragedies. Oh well, at least Suho and Xiumin are still in the group because if any of them left, I doubt SM would have decent replacements. Given Suho's nice angelic voice and general hotness, and Xiumin's all-around decent talent and extreme general hotness, it's hard to imagine EXO without these two in my opinion. EXO pretty much has a blank-slot for 2015 and their comeback can only be EXO-y which is good enough for me. Sorry for the old pic, but I'm super biased towards this one.

9. Leo (VIXX)


VIXX are one of the more consistent boy groups in k-pop and they are also consistent with having a bunch of crazy members and that one member that looks and acts like he couldn't give a single solitary fuck about anything. Leo is that member, and he's great. Okay so he gives fucks about babies and animals but you get my point. He rocks the robot-chic look well, with "Error" making him look his best in any VIXX video ever and it doesn't help that the song was great too. Outside of his personality and looks, I do like Leo's voice and I think that is very pretty sounding, which you wouldn't really expect given his face but that just adds to the mystery of him. I can definitely see Akisame's attraction towards him.

10. Donghae (Super Junior)


Donghae's been on this list just as long as Onew and GD has so it's obvious that unless SuJu disband (which I don't really see happening) then he's pretty much here to stay. What's not to like about goofy Donghae? You tell me, this post is already long enough and Donghae pretty much writes his-self. This took me fucking forever to write. Expect  female bias list soon.

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