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Suho_Ftw's Top 20 Songs of 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

These are 20 of my favorite songs of 2014. I was originally going to do top 15 and have a bunch of long and drawn out paragraphs detailing why I like each song. But then I was like, naaaaaaaawwww fuck it. The name of this blog is Goofing Off With K-Pop not Serious and Technological Crap With K-Pop, and added five and am just going to do a few bulletpoints as to why I find them so awesome. I added more songs and less bore. Hope you enjoy!

20. T-ARA & Chopstick Brothers - "Little Apple"

T-ara made a million dollar collab with Chopstick Brothers. Millions of dollars worth well spent because:

  • The song is a nice du-disco tune that suits T-ara 
  • Shinsadong Tiger + T-ARA = <3
  • Humorous video
  • Catchy chorus
  • Crayon Pop fans got pissy which is always entertaining
  • T-ara Anti's got pissy which is always entertaining
  •  Any other anti fans getting pissy because it's entertaining
19. Epik High - "Born Hater"

Epik High and a bunch of other make a song and it's glorious because:

  • Great old-school beat
  • Great rapping from just about everybody
  • Prudish people will complain about swearing which is always entertaining
  • Prudish people who complain any other thing explicit in a RAP song is always entertaining. 
  • DJ Tukutz
  • Haters will hate on the song, making the song do it's purpose
18. Girl's Day - "Something"

Girl's Day keep up their concept with "Something" and it's great because:

  • It's a nice throw-back to 90's R&B
  • Them verses
  • That chorus
  • That dance
  • Prudish people hating on sexy concept is always entertaining
  • People complaining that they copied SISTAR is humurous
  • Sojin
  • Those dresses
  • It's just overall a great song from start to finnish
17. SPEED - "Look At Me Now"

One of the most underrated boy groups in k-pop release this, and it's a JAM because:
  • That melody will stick in your head until the grave
  • Because it's the melody from "Wheels On The Bus"
  • Nice set
  • Great chorus
  • Nu-School Style Hip-Hop annoys hipsters which is always entertaining
  • Hot k-pop boys are hot
  • Great dance
16. EXID - "Up and Down"

EXID comeback is awesome because:

  • Shinsadong Tiger breached outside of his comfort zone and did well
  • Great verses
  • Amazing chorus
  • Prudish people hate the sexual innuendos in the video and complain about them in the comments which is always entertaining
  • Hip thrust dance is humorous song
  • Hani
15. AOA - Like a Cat

AOA's "Like a Cat" is stellar because:

  • A great funky guitar number with lots of sass is generally good
  • Obnoxious hip-hop horn intro is enjoyable
  • Jimin's opening spoken-work shit is catchy as hell
  • Catwomen dominatrix concepts are always good
  • Mina
  • Prudish people who hate AOA for their sexy concept and complain about it is always entertaining
  • It's creative
  • Sounds like something out of "Kill Bill"

Madtown's dumbly named but great-sounding debut song is great-sounding because:

  • Driving base is always good
  • Those oriental sounding instruments during the bridge-to-chorus section were amazing
  • Why the fuck did they chose YOLO? Not related but just a question
  • Rapping doesn't make me want to stab myself
  • Nu-school bullshit done right in a sense
  • That Jimin look-a-like can call me any time of the day.
  • Hot boys
  •  People can call this "racist" because it's hip-hop, and since I'm black I'll be the first to say that I am deeply offended...that none of these boys are my boyfriends. Again not related but still worth a mention.

13. KARA - "Mamma Mia"

Double Sidekick teamed up with KARA and it's totally cool because:

  • Pretty great throwback to 70's disco, a genre I love
  • Upbeat and uplifting
  • Double Sidekick kept KARA's synth-pop sound
  • KARA are gorgeous
  • People who complaining about Youngji is always entertaining
  • Just a great happy, and joyful song
12. Hitchhiker - "11"

One of my favorite SM producers does some solo work and it's glorious because:

  • AWESOME beat
  • Pretty much the easiest k-pop song to sing along to of all time
  • The music video is entertaining on many levels
  • People bitching and moaning about it being different is always entertaining
11. LU:KUS - "So Into You"

Nugu's Lu:Kus debut with "So Into You" and it's amazing because:

  • Sounds like k-pop pre-2012
  • Just really catchy
  • 90's beat
  • Harmonization during voices is wicked cool
  • Hot boys
  • Concept is basic but interesting
10. Dal-Shabet - "B.B.B" (Big Baby Baby)

Dal-Shabet a return with this great retro number and it's REALLY FUCKING AMAZING because:

  • Great 80's retro synth-pop sound
  • Catchy as hell
  • Sexy and womanly
  • Chic
  • Music video is just really cool with some really great shots
  • Seriously, re-playable as hell
9. HOTSHOT - "Take a Shot"

Rookie group HOTSHOT debut with this nu-school trash that is so bad it's good because:

  • It's nu-school trash done right
  • Because it has an actual addictive melody
  • And chorus (Imma make you feel HIGH lalalalala)
  • And a tolerable beat
  • People hate the video because of the editing which made me love it even more then I already did.
  • Moonkyu saying "Do you wanna play with the hot shot?" sounds like an invitation to have sex with him and I'm alllllllll for that!
  • Moonkyu
  • Although the rapping could use some work here or there, would take them rapping over Lil' Wayne ANY day
  • Moonkyu in general is always good and anything involving him can't be too bad
8. IU/Seo Taji - "Sogyeokdang"

IU and Seo Taji's collaboration is on this list beacause:

  • Electronica/techno music made to sound relaxing is rare and this is quite unique and pretty sounding
  • Beautiful melodies
  • IU AND Seo Taji's singing is very soothing to the ear
  • The MV is really good with some nice historical context
  • Synthesizer is used in a way I'm new too, if that makes any sense
7. BTS (Bangtan Boys) - "War Of Hormones"


1. Pause the current year your in
2. Rewind back to 1989
3. Get a beat that doesn't make me want to get my fingers chewed off by Jungkook's *cute* rabbit teeth.
4. Get 1-5 rappers who's rapping doesn't make me want to have J-Hope and his family stampede over me with their hooves.
5. Add some vocalist if any needed 
6. Add some cool DJ scratching, base, and possible guitar
7. Match the opening melody with the GREAT horns with the bridge to the song
8. Add kick-ass chorus
9. Fast-forward to current year
10. Add some modern touch-ups
11. Rinse and Repeat 

And of course hot k-pop boys (or girls)
Yes this is based around Kpopalypse's review of Minju and Kemy's "And Go" 

6. Got7 - "Stop Stop It"

Got7 continue being awesome with "Stop Stop It" and it's awesome because:

  • It's an excellent throwback to 90's R&B boybands
  • Robot voice is a great touch
  • That dance is impossible not to do
  • People love to complain about JYP being old, which is some of the funniest shit I've ever heard
  • Robot voices annoy the shit out of people who want to hear their "real" voices, and watching them talk about "real" music is always entertaining
  • Got7 is hot
5. SONAMOO - "Deja Vu"

Sonamoo are fucking amazing because:

  • This gives me AWESOME deja vu back to 2000-2005 hip-hop back when it sounded decent.
  • Even though it's basically the same beat played over for like 3 minutes with some stuff added over it I still never get over it.
  • Decent enough rapping for me.
  • Nice vocals and a nice belt towards the end makes this song more epic in my opinion. 
  • Haven't seen anything remotely this baddass from a girl group since GLAM's "I Like That"
  • It will annoy the living shit out of people who want girl groups to be all "oppa this and oppa that!"
  • It will annoy the shit out of people who are used to fapping the girls in sexy or cute wear (not that there is anything wrong with k-pop's sexy or cute concepts.)
  • It will annoy the shit out of YG stans who will claim that "They're so obviously trying to copy Big Bang"
  • Choreography is amazing and they carry it well
  • I could have easily put MAMAMOO's "Piano Man" here which is equally as great and you should really check it out, but I won't because everyone else will.
  • Styling reminds me of BoA's "Only One" with the baggy pants. Anything reminding me of "Only One" is good.
  • Watching people bitch and moan about them being under TS is entertaining.
4. T-ARA - "Sugar Free"

T-ARA "slayed" this comeback because:

  • Everything about this song is pure greatness from start to finish
  • Shinsadong Tiger + T-ARA = <3
  • The multi-melody stuff sounds so good it's almost a fantasy
  • The base is some of the best EDM base I've ever heard (is it base or bass???)
  • SOYEON!!!
  • Anti-Fans of T-ara will complain about T-ara being bullies which is always entertaining.
3. BTS (Bangtan Boys) - "Just One Day"

BTS release a boy bang ballad that doesn't make me throw-up beacause:

  • It has some fantastic hip-hop influence
  • As well as some R&B
  • The beat behind Suga's opening rap reminds me of Biggie Smalls's "Juicy" for some reason.
  • It's chopped full of of some great melodies that are very pretty sounding and it's like bliss.
  • The vocal harmonization is great
  • BTS in cute school-boy uniforms is strangely sexy to me
  • Good lord those melodies, I know I said that already but I'm just infasizing how beautiful this sounds to me.
  • Well choreographed chair dance
  • It will annoy the shit out of YG stans who who claim BTS is copying Big Bang which always hilarious.
  • We get some tongue action from Jimin
  • BTS is hot.
2. F(x) - "Red Light"

This shocked you because you either thought this would be #1 or not on the list at all. But more on that later. Anyway F(x)'s "Red Light" is FANTASTIC because:

  • The opening is marching which means shit is going down
  • The verses have a grinding type of synthesizer which sounds cool
  • The bridge to chorus has some cool techno shit going on
  • The chorus is extra hype and epic
  • The ending chorus is one of the most epic moments in music history for me
  • The base is great
  • The transitions are great
  • F(x) in general is great
  • The MV is super cool with F(x) doing something totally different than before
  • Cool coreography
  • People who will hate on the song is always entertaining

1. TAHITI - "Oppa You're Mine"

TAHITI's "Oppa You're Mine" is my favorite song of the year because:

  • The keyboards during the verses are truly outstanding and bring me back to when Ciara did "Promise."
  • Super catchy and WILL get stuck in your head and you WILL re-play this song
  • Synthesizer usage is also amazing 
  • The little "ooooos" during the bridge-to-chorus are really pleasing to the ear for some reason.
  • The bridge is very well done
  • AWESOME melody
  • Just an extremely well done electro-pop dance song
  • The "oppa" in question is hot
  • It will annoy the shit out of people who enjoy bashing groups with cuter concepts which is always entertaining.
So there you have it! Those are my top 20 songs of 2014. It was a tough pick and there are a lot of songs I wanted to include but didn't. I may or may not do an honorable mentions list.

Happy New Years to my authors and readers! I want to thank you all for reading/and or writing for this blog and I am truly grateful for all of you. I wish you all the best of luck for 2015!

Final Jimin pic (will technically the first) of the year for good luck!


  1. F(x)'s Red Light was awesome. Was weirded out by it initially then grew accustomed to it and started loving the song. Bonus points to a great MV.

  2. Why is Jimin so freaking good looking