Friday, January 16, 2015

[MV Review] TAHITI - Phone Number

Not feeling this comeback guys...

Firstly, it's not because it's sexy. You guy's know I don't care if groups do sexy concepts or not if they were cute before. Tahiti have done sexy before with "Hasta Luego" and that song was great. This is just boring.

The song is so boring that it's almost laughable. When I heard about Tahiti's comeback I was psyched because they released the best song of 2014 with "Oppa You're Mine!" But this takes away anything good that ever was great about Tahiti and replace it with basic average trendy stuff that I've seen before, but no new spin on it.

-High waisted pants: Fiestar's "One More"
-Awkward "sexy" dance: Stellar "Marionette"
-Big band-ish 60's sound: Secret's "I'm in Love" and Ladies' Code's "Bad Girl"

I don't mind what this reminds me of, but the song is so lackluster that it makes the music video even more laughable. I found myself yawning during this, you know the last time I yawned at a song? Masta Boo's ft. Dooky2's and Yobby's "Don't Come Here Unless You Want to Go to Sleep." I think that song may be better than this because I liked the verses a little but this doesn't make me pick up anywhere.

The song is not awful by any means, but at least terrible songs like "Shitty Vibe" can at least keep me awake for the day, even if it means sacrificing my sanity. 

So what about the music video? Don't remember much outside of Jerry's blonde hair and the token hot guy that seems to be a growing trend in Tahiti's mv's. At least all the girls look good.

I give this a 2/5 because the song is just boring but not terrible. Maybe they can have another comeback this year with a better song. Maybe this will grow on me, who knows.


  1. Agree will almost everything. Also what's with making Jerry look like a Puer Kim wannabe?

    1. As of now the song has SLIGHTLY grown on me. I find it better with headphones but still pretty average/basic especially for Tahiti standards considering all their other songs a pretty damn good. They should have promoted the other song off of their mini, ''Love Sick''. It's waaaaayyy better and could have probably gave them the attention the deserve. I probably will wind up getting their mini since Oppa You're Mine, Love Sick, and the good intro is on it.

      I DO sorta see the Puer Kim resembelence. I'm not sure if it was intentional but Jerry looks her best with dark hair. I can only pray and support Tahiti in the hopes they will get out of this nugu-ditch they're in because they really are a good group.