Friday, January 2, 2015

Jooyeon Officially Graduates From After School

Jooyeon was one of my fave AS members, and I was a fan of After School before EXO debuted and I started stanning her male alter ego, Suho, so seeing her leave is quite saddening to me, but it's her decision and if she wants to leave After School to pursue something else or a different dream I'm cool with that.

My final(not really) Jooyeon and Joonmyeon(Suho) joke:

  • Maybe she wanted to take time off of After School so she could spend more of her time leading EXO out of the blues. She really is thoughtful to do such a task, getting rid of her vast popularity as an AS visual to spend more of her time as EXO's leader. Take care of your health and keep happy Jooyeon!

No but seriously, I wish Jooyeon the best.

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