Tuesday, January 27, 2015

g.o.d Fans Make Me LOL

My face was like Changsub's while reading this whole fiasco tbh.

Remember when SONAMOO debuted and Shawol's flipped their shit because their light stick colors were kind of similar to SHINee's? Well g.o.d fans have taken butthurteness to a whole new level of fangirl insanity that makes Shawol's war with SONAMOO fans look like child's play. As it rightfully should because what adult would waste time and energy on a fandom color? Oh  Well sense g.o.d is a first-generation idol group majority of their fans are more then likely adults with jobs and lives that they're supposed to be living. But let's not get into that today.

Via Netizenbuzz/Pann

Okay so let's get something straight, there are literally hundreds of k-pop acts in the genre and exactly seven colors in the rainbow. Simple math would lead anyone over the age of six to know that you can't stretch seven color's that far, not to mention a nugu group is debuting every second. So companies do the smart thing by going into "hues" and "shadows" of a different color or giving it a different name like "Pastel Peach" or "Sunshine Yellow" or some other cutesy name. However in some cases, like SHINee and SONAMOO where the colors simply look the same (they don't) but is called "Pearl Aqua" while SONAMOO's is "Sapphire Green". 

But Cube and BtoB committed the ultimate k-pop fan crime of stealing not just the color, but the name as well, "Sky Blue." OMIGAWD THEY HAVE FUCKING SKY BLUE AS THEIR COLOR!!!! THAT'S PRACTICALLY A FUCKING K-POP FELONY!!!!
But not only have they tried to contact Cube, but they sent all kinds of shit to their headquarters with notes attached to them begging to change their color name (which you can see in the article.) And what does Cube say? Nothing they keep it gangster, but if I were Cube I would send out an official statement saying something like this:

Dear g.o.d Fans and Anyone Else Who is Concerned, 

We have heard your (hilarious) public out-cry against our boy group BtoB's fandom color, and we have this to say to you: please get a life and stop wasting your time fighting over a color. You're acting like we took the groups name and members, re-named them BtoB and forced them to sing their old songs. It is simply a color that BtoB fans will identify with. We haven't given a shit about your (hilarious) public out-cries now and we won't in the future. 

Have a Great Day and enjoy 4Minutes New Comeback!

- Cube CEO

But that's mostly because I'm a teenager with no shame. Cube has something to loose here, so I'm going to do something I'd never thought I'd advise anybody to do, it's actually pretty smart, do what a Netizenbuzz commenter suggested:

I can't screen-cap it on my computer so I'll quote it:

"can't they just use those color codes internet use when customizing in html?" ~ Passion Burn, Netizenbuzz User

That's actually pretty damn smart. They can just use a different html and respond like this:

Dear g.o.d Fans and Anyone Else Who is Concerned,

We have heard your concerns over BtoB's fandom color with it being "Sky Blue." But we at Cube would never let that happens and are here to let you know the difference between the two colors.

g.o.d fan-group color is Sky Blue with an html of #3909 but BtoB's fan-group color is Sky Blue with an html of #3908, making them two completely different colors. But since they fall into the Sky Blue color family, they have to keep the same name.

We hoped this cleared up any sort of confusion. Have a great day and enjoy 4Minutes new comeback!

- Cube CEO

Do it Cube. I swear if you do this, it will make you the best k-pop company in history due to smart decisions alone. 

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