Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Years!

It's officially 2016! Have a great New Years everyone and be safe!

suho_ftw's Top 25 K-Pop Title Tracks of 2015

This list was not easy. It took revising and re-editing and it eventually came down to me with a pencil and paper writing down the songs that I must put on this list or it would physically hurt me. It started out as 15 and ended up being 25 because fuck it, why not? Not every song I loved winded up on this, just the ones that had to be in the top 25. 


- Song must be a title track. B-sides have a separate list.
- Rap songs can be included, but this is primarily k-pop so I kept it down to a minimum.
- It's all my opinion.

suho_ftw's 15 Favorite K-Pop B-Sides of 2015

This is FEMM by the way. Yes I know they're Japanese. Yes they're singing in English. Yes this is a blog post about K-Pop. Are you confused enough yet?

2015 got off to a dry start when it came to albums but that doesn't mean that there weren't some gems to be found. These are the songs I personally found to be stand-out tracks that could have been promoted on their own. 

Just for disclaimers:
- I kept it one song per artists because I knew if I added more than one song by one artists then the list would have contained songs from like two albums, which would have been accurate but boring. Plus, some other groups had songs I wanted to mention.

- I cheat twice on this list by adding two rap songs. Only twice.

- Quite a few b-sides I liked didn't make it on the list and it does pain me. 

- I didn't have enough time to listen to every album by every artists, but I do listen to a lot of albums and most nugus very rarely even release mini albums let alone full length albums.

- We all know why this is mostly girl groups.

- It's all my opinion.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why Bandwagons Are Bad.

Just when you thought it would end, the motherfuckin' saga continues.

"Not this shit again."

You know, at first I thought this whole misunderstanding couldn't get even dumber but as usual, people that live their lives through the internet never cease to amaze me.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy Sana Day!

Sana is to my female bias list as Hoshi is to my male bias list. Basically she wrecked it. Wrecked it baaad. So it's only natural that I'd give her a happy birthday post.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Seventeen + Ailee - "Q&A"

Look I know I'm later than Steve Harvey but I still wanted to blog about it for some reason.

Friday, December 25, 2015

BoA Releases Her Christmas Song

Merry (late) Christmas! Again!

I know I'm late but I still wanted to blog about this. SM wrapped up their Christmas promos with BoA's "Christmas Paradise."

Merry Xmas

wooseok, up10tion, and wooshin image

Merry Christmas/happy holidays! I am giving you the gift of exposure of one of my bias-wreckers, Wooshin, from one of my favorite nugu's of the year: Up10tion.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015

Kim Hyun Joong's Fans Are So Fucking Stupid

Well, it was really no surprise that they were retarded. They've proven their lack of intelligence over the past year. However with the release of his ex's baby being proven to be his I'm convinced they have just barely enough brain cells to even type out a full sentence.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Double Standards: Yeri and Tzuyu

It's no secret that k-pop can exploit minors, however JYP has reached a new peak with how he's promoting Twice member Tzuyu.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

f(x) Releses Their Christmas Song

SM kicks off the Winter Garden promotions with f(x)'s new Christmas-meets-deep-house song.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Let's Celebrate

I got into my first choice (American) college, so I thought I'd celebrate by gathering a bunch of wonderous Seulgi gifs from the "Dumb Dumb" era, mostly because she rules this entire concept.

Big thanks to for creating these.

[MV Review] TaeTiSeo - "Dear Santa"

TaeTiSeo set off the first round of SM's Christmas promos with the promising "Dear Santa."

Friday, December 11, 2015

BTS Drops Their Asses Like Their Hot for Their 3rd Win

BTS had their third win with "Run", and to celebrate Jungkook initiated an ass-dropping session. You can skip to 1:32 for that. The peeps over at tumblr made some good gifs. View them after the jump.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Why I'm Forever In Debt to Luhan

He made this. I've listened to it on repeat trying to see if I wont lose it laughing my fucking ass off and I've failed every time. Now let me list my favorite lyrics from this song(?)

[MV Review] Lovelyz - "For You"

Lovelyz's glorious comeback is glorious.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Where's Dat Ass?

The Show made a dance version of BTS's "Run." All the members look great, the choreography is great too but there's just one problem... no ass shots. No seriously, they do a really hot ass move as a "point-move" several times, but the camera almost NEVER got it. It was always back and above. It only shoots it fully towards the end and it's not even at a good angle. What the hell? This is K-Pop, king of perverted angles, yet they're practically hand gifted a dance move to perve and they can't get it right? Bullshit.

At least MAMA got it right:

Friday, December 4, 2015

[MV Review] BTS - Run

After some trolling and teasing BTS close their "Most Beautiful Moments in Life" era with "Run." And it's quite the high note to end on.

Friday, November 27, 2015

BTS's Teaser Photos Shows That Yoongi and J-Hope Shit All Over Everyone

The album teaser looked very promising, but these teasers are multiplying that hype by 1000 and it's all because of Yoongi and and J-Hope.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

It's Turkey Day.

It's Thanksgiving in America. While I don't celebrate this for the horrific origins, I celebrate a more green harvest type of thing, in these dark times it's nice to take some time off from moping and focus on the good aspects of life. So I'm still thankful for a lot this year. Like college options, getting good grades, and Onew.

Friday, November 13, 2015


Fuck you SM. What is easily EXO's best song since "Overdose" had to have a shit music video.

[MV Review] VIXX - Chained Up

I wrap up my round of music video reviews with VIXX who have redeemed themselves 100% after the tragedy of a song that was "Love Equation."

[MV Review] TAHITI - Skip

It appears that despite their greater hit than miss ratio, Tahiti just can't make it out of nugudom. Which is a shame because they really do deserve better.

[MV Reivew] Rania - Demonstrate

Rania make a long awaited comeback with new music and new members and it's pretty ass kickin' good.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Seolhyun is Perfectly Fine the Way She is

Netizens are giving Seolhyun shit for FNC promoting her so much, while I agree I'd like to see some other members of AOA outside of Seolhyun and Choa promoted, I can't deny that I see WHY FNC is so keen on promoting those members.

Seolhyun get's complimented a lot on her body, and it's easy to see why. However this is insanity. Apparently FNC is trying to force her to lose weight, and I see a lot of Netizens giving Seolhyun shit for having "dark" skin. Look I know having fair skin is considered a beauty standard in Korea, but  let's be honest, Seolhyun has a face and body where even if you do prefer lighter skin, it's easy to overlook that because she, along with the rest of AOA, are perfect the way they are.

Friday, November 6, 2015

BAP's Comeback

It appears that after all of that drama, the best thing about the TS lawsuit was that BAP is finally going back the basics with their latest mini album.


I was going to review IU's great funky comeback but I can't because people just have to make a T-ara-esc Witch Hunt scandal like they do with every other idol they collectively hate because they have nothing they love about their lives or themselves. IU's actually already cleared up  the scandal but of course people are still missing the point, Asian Junkie even cleared it up from her apology for international fans to see (in the link), but you know, since a lot of them are koreaboo's and believe whatever Korean netizens believe to make them feel more Korean, that's going overlooked too. Well I'm here to point out each situation and clear up crystal fucking clear.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Nuff' said.

[MV Review] F(x) - 4Walls

K-Pop's best group adds another notch in their belt with this awesome and addictive song.

Seveteen Tissue Equation

Seventeen was lovely on Weekly Idol, however I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that they need tissues more than anything else now adays. But then I remembered this is a dorm shared by thirteen boys so tissues are a must, and since I'm a person that's always trying to improve their shitty math skills, I might as well make up an equation to calculate just how many tissues is using these days. Yes, I have no life.

Monday, October 26, 2015

[Album Review] Red Velvet - The Red

"Dumb Dumb" is by far one the songs I've replayed the most, and Red Velvet's first studio album altogether is no joke either. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Seventeen's Hoshi

Seventeen recently converted me into a stan with their awesome comeback of "Mansae".It's a total triumph of a song and I can't stop replaying it. All the members are awesome and cute, but Hoshi is fucking life in it's best form.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

[MV Review] Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb

A bit on the late side with this review but it is as to be expected since I'm filling out college applications and anyone who's ever applied to college knows how much hell that shit is. Luckily Red Velvet released an awesome song to ease me through this process.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Suho_ftw's On and Off Hiatus Until Winter

So as many of you know, I'm a senior in high school this year, and as many of you don't know I turned eighteen on the eighteenth so yay I'm an adult and blah blah blah.

[PSA] No Fucking Spam Please

You know who you are, and you know who I'm talking about. Nobody likes spam, spam is annoying, it looks desperate, anyone who uses AFF and has an active wall knows what I'm talking about. There are tons of places to advertise your stuff, someones blog that has nothing to do about what you're blogging about is not one of them. Introducing me to something that is relevant to the discussion is one thing, throwing your shit out there all willy-nilly is another. Stop that shit now.

Please and thank you!

- Suho_ftw

[MV Review] DIA - Somehow

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Some Info On How My Post Are Scheduled Here Vs. AKF

Might as well use Jungkook since his birthday was today.
Source: *someone at OneHallyu*

So as I stated before my posts are also being posted over on AKF as I started blogging there a few weeks ago. However if any of (all two of) you read both GOK and AKF, you'll notice that my past few blogs were posted on AKF first before here. 

8 Reasons Why SNSD's New Album Isn't So Bad After All

It has nothing to do with the leg-spread. This is just for eye-candy.

SNSD has never been an album driven group, I'd know since I own a few of their albums. After their debut album, things went downhill in the non-title track departure right up until they had their least-favoured song with "I Got a Boy", where all the other songs on that album (minus those two ballads) were pretty good. However, after all of the hate this album has been getting, I feel the need to stick up for it since it is one SNSD's much better albums.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

[Visual] Moonbyul is a BAMF

Moonbyul is a Bad Ass Mother Fucker.

Gyuri The Goddess and From The Airport - The Little Prince

Right before Hara made her debut, Gyuri had a solo collab with indie band From The Airport which should be getting a lot more attention.

[MV Review] Hyuna ft. Ilhoon - Because I'm The Best (Roll Deep)

Hyuna makes a comeback and it's okay.

Netizen's Fake Vocal-Faggotry* Needs To Stop

I've had it up here *mimics Moonbyul* with this shit.

So Stellar talked about how they don't care if their image is controversial if it gets people to pay attention to them, and a lot of netizens are saying, "If you guys really wanted fame for your music, then you would just become better singers and stop stripping." This is some utter bullshit, because I could make a list miles long of groups that netizens praise with barely any good singers.

SHINee's "Married to the Music" Just Became My Favorite Song Of the Year

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review of the song saying it was good but not as good as "View," but things have changed in those few weeks ... a lot.

Why Do Female Idols Have It Rough?

It's been a hot topic for just about everyone into kpop that reads comments anywhere. Nobody has really given concrete answers, so I will break down each of the major ones I've discovered/thought the most about.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

[Dual Review] Girls' Generation (SNSD) - Lion Heart & You Think

I apologized beforehand for the blog lacking as of late. It doesn't have anything to do with my gig over at AKF, I've been fighting off the flu lately, which means I haven't been up for more meaty posts.

But now, I'm feeling much better (flu's almost gone) and SNSD made their long-awaited comeback of comebacks. At first I was worried but if EXO can lose members and have their sound improve then so can SNSD's and it is both nostalgic, fresh, and just what was needed.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Directioners Mad That K-Pop Fans Have More Determination Than Them

T-ara? More like T-AWESOME

Generally speaking, fans of any kind of pop music tend to be bat-shit insane, but Directioners just took the cake with this latest shit.

The 3 Cute and Popular In's Are Wrecking My Bias List

Unlike most international k-pop fans, cute concepts don't bother me. Unlike most k-pop fans in general, a groups concept won't stop me from liking them. I like any group rather they're staple cuties (Apink), head turning sexies (Stellar), goofy badasses (4Minute), and headbanging metal chicks (Pritz) and the same for boy groups. 


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hyuna Fully Embraces Herself as K-Pop's Rihanna in Her New Teaser

Since I'm a fan of both Hyuna and Rihanna, I'm already looking forward to this. It don't look like it will be the awesome music video of "Bitch Better Have My Money" but damn, it's pretty Rihanna looking. 

[MV Review] GD&TOP - Zutter

"Let's Not Fall In Love" was decent (with excellent GD eye-candy mind you), but the real star of the "E" single is "Zutter" for better or for worse.

[MV Reivew] Wonder Girls - I Feel You

Wonder Girls is back with an upgraded[?] line-up and sound and it's oh so welcome.

[MV Review] T-ara - So Crazy

T-ara take a brake from Shinsadong Tiger and go with k-pop's most over-used and over-hyped producer Brave Brothers, but it turns out way better than expected.

[MV Review] SHINee - Married To the Music

With the success of the great "View", SHINee release a repackage of "Odd" with "Married To The Music" and the results are familiar and good.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[MV Review] Primary Feat. Choa (AOA) and Iron - Don't Be Shy

In the heat of all of these mostly less-than-stellar summer comebacks, Primary teams up with AOA's Choa and rapper Iron to make a much more impressive song, even if it is out of the blue and totally unexpected, but hey! I love surprises especially if they're good.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Yenny's Elegant and Graceful in Her Instrument Teaser

While Sunmi channeled Kool and the Gang in her teaser, and Yubin and Lim let their inner rock-stars out, Yenny becomes a classy pianist for her teaser and it's great. Seriously, how could teasers so simple be so awesome?

[Album Review] Got7 - Just Right

Got7 are one of those groups who have yet to put out a bad album. I enjoyed their debut mini "Got It?", and loved their follow up mini with "Got Love" and their full length album was pretty decent as well, and "Just Right" falls in line as another solid release.

[MV Review] GFriend - Me Gustas Tu

While I thought "Glass Bead" was nothing special, I still wished GFriend luck on their next release. Well, "Me Gustas Tu" (Spanish for "I Like You.) came out so did wishing them luck work?

[Album Review] Girl's Day - Love Second Album

While "Ring My Bell" was a hot mess, a song like "Macaron" made me check out this album and I was pleasantly surprised. Filtering through the past hits and past mini album B-sides and a CF promotional single (same format with the Expectation/Female President albums), "Love" puts on an entertaining show, making it GsD's best album so far and one of my personal favorite albums of 2015.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

[Visual] Hello Venus's "I'm Art" MV-Cams

I just reviewed their great new song "I'm Art" like five minutes ago but I found these and now I'm ready to show them. 

If you've ever had trouble with fancas being virticle well now their company has put out videos of each individual member doing the choreo in the music video high definition, horizontal glory. I don't know what to call these so I'm calling these MV-Cams.

Videos after the jump, enjoy!

[MV Review] Hello Venus - I'm Art

At first I was skeptical of Brave Brothers producing Hello Venus, since "Sticky Sticky" was nothing special, however that has now changed now that Hello Venus has put out two of my favorite songs this year with "Wiggle Wiggle" and now "I'm Art."

Yubin and Hye Rim Rock Out On Drums and Guitar in Latest Teasers

While Sunmi got her Kool and The Gang on in her awesome bass teaser, Yubin and Hye Rim bring out their inner punk rockers for their teasers with Yubin on the drums and Hye Rim on the guitar. JYP is shitting gold at making good teasers, this just further proves it. I literally can't wait for my bias Yenny tomorrow who will be playing the keyboards.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunmi's Teaser for Wonder Girls Comeback is Fantastic

I was excited for Wonder Girls debut since JYP announced it. I was little skeptical when JYP said they'd be playing instruments, but now I take back any doubt I ever had because this is fucking flawless. The bass (bass guitar and cello) are my favorite instruments in music, and to see a goddess like Sunmi (who became one of my favorite soloist in 2013 and 2014) rock out on it to this eerie, dark and intriguing song just hypes me up for Wonder Girls comeback even more.

Basically, this is the badass AOA Black/Band comeback we're probably never going to get, but WG will fill that gap.

[MV Review] Stellar - Vibrato

FUN STORY: Since I'm 17 (almost 18) this was restricted to me, so I literally had to embed it (or watch a youtubers reaction) to see the actual mv without YT blocking me from it. Because you know, 17 is so much more immature than 18. So if you're under 18 and want to watch the mv, you're free to here) Anyway on with the review.

Vaginas rule.

[MV Review] Sonamoo - Cushion

Sonamoo made a comeback. Some things are great and others need to be addressed with a fine tooth comb.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

[Album Review] SHINee - Odd

Late as hell but let's get on with it: SHINee's "Odd" album review!

SHINee's back~ this time with a new album, and like f(x), SHINee have yet to disappoint with an album, let's see if "Odd" lives up or down to their consistent on-point discography. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[MV Review] Got7 - Just Right

Got7 are back out of the random ass blue!

In the mix of all girl group comebacks, I guess JYP saw an oppertunity to have Got7 add some males into the mix. 

SONAMOO Comeback is Real and I AM READY

sonamoo cushion High.D

My favorite rookies from 2014 are having a comeback and so far it looks glorious.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

[Album Review] BoA - Kiss My Lips

The Queen of K-Pop, BoA has made her long awaited comeback with two new songs and an album, "Kiss My Lips." All self-composed with one or two exceptions, and to any BoA fan, it's a treat of an album.

Album Track Sunday #3: Girl's Day - "Macaron"

I ran this series a while back when my computer wasn't a jackass. There are two others, one for BoA and one for B2ST. This is basically where I review a really good song that was not the title track on an album (but could/should have). And seeing as I took a giant shit on Girl's Day's latest hot-mess of a title-track, "Ring My Bell" it only seems fit that I praise this masterpiece.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

[Update] Upcoming Album Reviews

BoA - Kiss My Lips (#1 priority)
SHINee - Odd (priority)
Girl's Day - Love Second Album (priority)
SNSD's New Album (later)
Got7's New Album (later)
I Want to Eventually Review All of My Top Groups Albums (F(x) and BTS)

Ultimate Girl Group Comeback Smackdown: Summer Edition Part 1 - AOA Vs.SISTAR Vs. Nine Muses vs. Girl's Day Vs.Girls' Generation

With half of summer already done, lets take a look at some of the major girl group releases for the first half of summer! Who had the best song? Who had the best concept? Do they all fall or soar? Stay tuned and find out!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Debunking This Misconception From Netizens Once and For All: Celebrities Have The Best Lives Ever

I've seen these types of articles on NB where a celebrity says something they don't like about their job, and netizens as usual knowing nothing about anything say stuff like "You're a celebrity! You have it easy, you have no right to complain! My parents work so much harder!" But I have never gotten down to actually posting it and debunking that stupid logic, however in the spirit of SNSD making a triple comeback, I will tackle that logic using the comments from Yuri's latest fiasco because they all pretty much bring up every flaw in the myth to begin with, and don't worry I will sprinkle pretty pictures of Yuri in between each one so you can have something good to look at after reading through so much ugly.

Two People You Should Give a Chance: Anda and Yankie

Some time ago I did a post on BESTie and HISTORY and today I'm going to do something similar only with two soloist: Anda and Yankie!

Anda sings mostly pop to my knowledge, however it seems to mostly be geared to adults (you'll see.)

Yankie is a rapper that has some collabs on his new album that are AWESOME.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[MV Review] AOA (Ace of Angels) - Heart Attack

AOA makes their anticipated comeback that shifts from their usual Brave Sounding-ness to something more summer friendly.

Monday, June 22, 2015

[Visual] BTS's Fetish Teaser Pics for "Sick"/"Dope/"Fucking Awesome"

I originally had a meme, but it wouldn't generate so just enjoy this audio.

BTS is having a comeback with "Sick" (or "Dope" or "Fucking Awesome" for direct translation.) I was already excited when they chose "Sick" since it's one of my favorite songs from the album (I would have preferred "Hold Me Tight" but "Sick" wasn't a bad choice either.) For those of you who haven't heard it, just imagine EXID's "Up and Down" sung by dudes on crack. However these teaser pics were enough to send my expectations through the fucking roof.

[Visual] KARA's Hara Gives Us a Summer to Look Forward To in Cosmopolitan

Now that I am officially on summer break, I should have some time to do some post since I have a week off before I start work. I don't give a fuck about Cosmopolitan, however I can appreciate a pretty pictorial when I see one. I wasn't digging Hara's hair color in "Cupid" but it looks much more lovely (along with other things) in her recent pictorial.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[MV Review] BTS - For You

I'm convinced Big Hit is content on making BTS pre-2012 tragedy T-ara in terms of promotions because they just ended their promos for "I Need U" like a week and a half ago, and now they're promoting their latest Japanese single. Normally with rushed comebacks, songs tend to fall off a bit for the group, but just like T-ara, BTS's quality hasn't dropped.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

[MV Review] KARA - Cupid

KARA witch up their usual sound for their brand new comeback and the results are half-and half.

Hammie Has Her Eyes On ChimChim ~

Seungyeon recently admitted that she's been wanting the D from Jimin since the"Mamma Mia" promotions. While most fangirls are like "Stay away from mai oppar u slut!!111" I'm rejoicing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ultimate Boy Group Comeback Smackdown: Big Bang Vs. EXO Edition

Two very big boy groups in k-pop made two big comebacks. Which survives?

Let's find out.

People Complaining about White Dudes in Girl Group Vids are Hypocrites

So CLC made a comeback with "Like" and while I like it, it's no where near as good as their fantastic debut that was "Pepe". However, I've noticed some people are complaining about the "growing trend" of White men being in girl group videos. Well, those people are hypocrites because boy groups have been using White girls in their music videos for quite a while now (Big Bang go back to like 2010) and while there was some fuss made over it, it's nothing compared to the comment section of "Like." 2NE1 did it too, but I don't remember them getting hate. But AOA and nugus CLC do it and it's a problem. Get real man.

Monday, June 1, 2015

[Visual] A Pink's Chorong Ruining My Bias List

My original A Pink biases have always been Hayoung and Namjoo, but recently I've been taking a liking to Chorong.

I was searching up anything recent like interviews, variety show appearances, concerts ect... And what I got was...amazing.

The above video is from A Pink's "Pink Paradise" concert that was in March. I must warn you, do NOT look at the video with full volume because the bass will destroy your speakers/and or ear drums. I have found one with decent audio quality but the camera's all shaky so you don't get the full glory.


We don't have an FAQ because we're nugus and we don't get asked shit, but we occasionally get assholes on this site, so whenever we encounter them we will send them to these messages arranging from politically correct to Eminem PSA style status. The first one is for those who are new and may find us a bit odd and it gradually gets more rude. For those of you who get what this blog is trying to do, then you don't have to read these and they can just be for mutual entertainment. For some new readers/trolls that have a hard time understanding us, well then read on. 

If anyone reading this has listened to any early Eminem albums then you should get this just fine.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Netizen Brings Out the Warm Fuzzies

In a world where a lot of people tend to hate themselves it's no suprise that most responses to this post were of a bunch of people feeling shitty about themselves. But one netizen managed to make that warm fuzzy feeling come out about loving yourself for who you are:

3. [+96, -2] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's funny but also really loving to think about. Am I the only one who finds the quote loving? To think that your current face is the face of the person you loved in your past life... it also gives me hope that a face like mine is capable of being loved. It consoles me a lot.

See? You are enough!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

[Album Review] BTS (Bangtan Boys) - The Most Beautiful Moments in Life/Mood For Love Pt.1 EP

My first BTS album review.

I had originally written a review for Dark and Wild but I never got around to publishing it, but that's all going to change. Expect some female album reviews soon, mostly for BoA.

[Album Review] EXO - EXODUS

How was the worlds most loved and hated boygroup's second full length effort? Was it worth a listen? Is it worth no listens or worth much more? Let's find out.

Upcoming Album Reviews

- EXO "Exodus"
- BTS "Mood for Love Pt.1"
- SHINee "Odd"
- BoA "Kiss My Lips" (May take a bit longer than expected)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

SHINee Coming Back as Hippies

Wow, just like BoA SHINee haven't been back in two years. As long as Key's still hot and the song is typical SHINee greatness then this comeback should be glorious.

BoA "Kiss My Lips" Review

BoA is my favorite soloist in Korea, and seeing her leave for so long was kind of heartbreaking so when she announced her long awaited comeback to Korea after her Japanese promotions, I was psyched!

This is BoA's first all self-composed album as well, with her having input in both lyrics and production (like with the "Only One" song.) Seeing her put her production skills to the test is exciting so how does "Kiss My Lips" play?

Why Didn't Hyosung Promote "Taxi Driver" or "First Kiss"?

I mean, "Into You" ain't awful but it's the most meh song on her mini album. "Taxi Driver" and "First Kiss" are awesome! This is like when Rainbow chose "Tell Me" and "Sunshine" as their title tracks, they weren't terrible but the could have promoted any other song off of the album and it would've made more sense. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

YG Stans Mad That BTS is Killing On Music Charts

                     All black everything.

Lord, Jimin is hot as hell.

BTS has been "slaying" the music charts, and YG Stans are mad not only that BTS has a way better song a video than Big Bangs' two songs combined, but that there are enough sane k-pop fans left to acknowledge it. They're still claiming sajaegi and demanding that BTS show their receipts. Shit, Rap Monster should just troll all these netz by doing a remix of Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" and make it "Bitch Better Have My Receipts."

Why Didn't "Bitch Better Have My Money" Come Out Sooner?

Dahye from GLAM?
A crap tone of other idols and k-drama actors and actresses?\

This song is probably their anthem. I know it's mine currently.

Hyosung Returning As a Soloist With New Mini Album

I enjoyed Hyosung's "Goodnight Kiss" debut (it was cha_cha's jam) as well as her single album, so I calmly accept her return. From the teaser the song sounds a bit weird and synth heavy (people are saying it's sampled from some Spice Girls song) but teasers rarely do songs justice. That hair color looks amazing on her, I know it's not the first time she's had blonde, but blonde on Hyosung never gets old.

[MV Review] Eslie (Eunjung) ft. K.Will - I'm Good

T-ara's Eunjung makes her solo debut with K.Will and it's what's expected.

[MV Review] BESTie - Excuse Me

BESTie are my new BESTFRieNDS

Thursday, May 7, 2015

This Blog Needs More Soyeon


Soyeon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>your faves.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sungwoon is a Cutie

Yeah, I know I mostly stan Moonkyu in HOTSHOT but let's be honest, they wouldn't be called HOTSHOT with only one hot member.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

BTS's Sajaegi "Controversy"

   BTS Successfully Releases New Album, Topping Numerous Charts
Look at those Sajaegi whores. How dare they get some public recognition!

So BTS's "Mood For Love" mini album is doing well on charts, and apparently surpassig Big Bang's "Loser"/"Bae Bae" "album" release. So what do netizens do? Claim that it isn't true because they aren't from a Big 3 company. In other words, they can't accept the fact that people may prefer somebody elses music over their faves because they aren't EXO, Super Junior, SHINee. TVXQ, or Big Bang.

Friday, May 1, 2015

[MV Review] Big Bang - "Bae Bae"

There is no way I could do the usual summary in one sentence so let's just get on with it.

[MV Review] BTS (Bangtan Boys) - "I Need U"

BTS make their badly-timed comeback (same time as Big Bang *ouch!*) But it is none-the-less a great and sinister spin on Red Velvet's excellent "Ice Cream Cake"!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Being a Fan of Music and Why Netizens Ruin That Experience


HYS_Fag recently posted this great article about why the focus on netizen comments has gone too far and I whole heartily agree, companies spend way too much time focusing on what the general public think of them. However this will be about the focus and why it sucks for music fans in general.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[MV Review] Lim Kim - Love Game

After I floated to heaven in the last post Lim Kim brings me back reality with her new refreshing song and video, and reality never tasted sweeter.

[Fangirl Post] FUCK BTS

DISCLAIMER: When I say "Fangirl Post" I mean this will be relatively more fangirly than the norm. Not necessarily in a delusional way but more in a "Wholy fuck my ovaries are swollen" kind of way. For those who like my usual self, this isn't for you but keep reading if you feel this will entertain you and possibly make fun of me in order to bring back to reality.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Okay So On the Whole Red Velvet TRYING To Be White "Controversy"


Okay so with RV's newest concept some people have been trying to say that SM is trying to make RV look white and are upset about it because the internet is full of people who see race in everything. Then there are people on the opposite side of the spectrum that are defending SM (always eyebrow raising worthy) saying things like "White people are not the only people with blonde hair and blue eyes. Plenty of Mexicans have them too." So who is right and who is wrong?

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Seasonal Blog Design Changes

Nothing major, I just did the seasonal changing of the colors for a more spring-like feel. I updated a more recent picture of flawless Jiyeon. I tried not to make things too bright but more softer with some highlights here and there. Hope you enjoy.

Netizens Display Their Hypocrisy Even More With EXO's Recent Bullying Rumors

With all of the Tao drama, some rumors of EXO allegedly bullying Tao popped up. This is basically T-ara vs. Hwayoung all over again with gifs and videos being taken out of place as fabricated "evidence." Will netizens witch-hunt them out of their popularity and damaged/destroy their careers like they did with T-ara? The answer is no. An article literally appeared the day after that one debunking the bullying rumors. And netizens have already been saying that this is the result of anti-fans wanting to bring down EXO. This really pisses me off, not because I want EXO to get demolished (I don't) but because this just proves that anti's are hypocritical scums of the earth that should never ever speak.

[MV Review] Lim Kim - "Awoo"

Hats off to you!

[MV Review] HOTSHOT - Watch Out

Wow K-Pop gods, you guys are really blessing these nugu groups this year aren't cha?

[MV Review] Oh My Girl - Cupid

I see to make up for The Ark's boring existence the K-Pop Gods decided to debut Oh My Girl and their amazing debut song!

Upcoming Post #2

Post Spam is coming soon.

- Oh My Girl "Cupid" Review
- HOTSHOT "Watch Out" Review
- Lim Kim "Awoo" Review
- Will Netizens Bully EXO Out of Their Popularity Like They Did T-ara? The Answer is No and the Reason Won't Suprise You.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Over ANALyzing K-Pop Lyrics - HyunA's "Ice Cream" Edition

"You can't spell 'overanlyze' with out spelling 'Anal'." ~ Kpopalypse

This is the first edition to something I've been looking into doing for the longest: over analyzing k-pop lyrics. Most k-pop lyrics don't mean lickity-splat but that doesn't mean you don't have the right to see what you want to see.

Most people would look at the lyrics for "Ice Cream" and think of Hyuna bragging on her sexuality, but I see something much, much different that gives Hyuna some major street cred as well as some feminist cred.