Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Jimin-Ween!

The red pants and the suspenders... *sigh!*

Jimin's birthday was October 13th, and we all know that October 13th reversed is just October 31st. I see it fit to do an appreciation post using the photos uploaded on his birthday Yellow Slug style.

So if you saw something scary today and want to cleanse your eyes, well hopefully this helps.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

So This is Where EYK Turn Into Watered Down Netizens?

When I first got into k-pop my main people were Eat Your Kimchi. They're pretty well known by k-pop fans, they make good videos, have interesting opinions, have a great marriage, all this went into the allure of them for me. But I'm just now realizing how biased and flip floppity they are, and no this is not a hate post or a rant.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


In the Halloween spirit, I have decided to have risen from the dead and put out a post, and in honor of our first anniversary I will be doing an in-depth look into when exactly suho_ftw ovaried up and started posting her honest thoughts on everything.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Why Aren't F(x), BTS, and FIESTAR Nominated for a MAMA Award?

I can't even count how many times of replayed "One More." Seriously.

Seriously MAMA? Seriously? They made sure to include EXO, SNSD, and SuJu. The only one of those three I'd vote for would be SuJu because Mamacita was pretty sweet. The other two weren't bad, but I wouldn't give them a "best of 2014" award.

But why aren't FIESTAR, BTS, or F(x) nominated? FIESTAR's "One More" was golden, BTS had the best songs from any boy group this year, and everything about F(x)'s comeback was fucking amazing. BTS are nominated, but it's for dance, not group or song, at least they're nominated for something. Why did MAMA insist on putting the most mediocre of groups (as of this year) as nominees when they could have had much better people on it? They could have put Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, Kiss&Cry, and a whole slew of other rookies and artist on there as well. But no, they stuck to big name groups to satisfy k-pop fandoms rather than actually picking quality acts of this year. 

Screw MAMA. I'll just pull a Yellow Slug and have my own awards.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Album Track Sunday - BoA "Not Over U"

I want to start a new thing on here where once a week I talk about a non-title album track that I like. I do a lot of single reviews on here so I want to give some non-title tracks that are worth a listen some love.

Might as well start with the Queen of K-pop!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Accurate Favorites of 2013 List

Back when this blog was new and a big stupid hot-ass mess I did a "Favorites of 2013." If there is anything I have learned over the past year of blogging, is to never rush out an article. You say stuff, leave out stuff, and forget stuff. So in order to celebrate a first year of blogging and a lot of lessons learned, mentalities gained and mentalities left, I've decided to do a more accurate favorites list of 2013. Most of these songs I really enjoyed when they came out but forgot to put them on the list. This one will be more accurate and kind of an update. Some will be added and others will be taken off (although I don't dislike any that I took off.) I'll also be bumping this up to fifteen instead of ten because I know you'll love that, but I also kept the reviews down to one-two sentences. Also keep in mind artist like Zion.T and Lim Kim haven't made the list because I'm not sure if they're considered k-pop, otherwise they probably would dominate the list. These were the gems that were found in 2013's mash of bleh.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Celebrity Idol: Netizen Narrative Edition!

Hyeyeon is and idol and a celerity therefore she is relevant to this topic.

As stated in the previous article, in my lit. class we're studying e e cummings's [Buffalo Bill 's] poem, and also how we play apart in a celebrity's rise and fall, and also how our culture perpetuates these ideas. My English teacher also had us study the career of Brian Bosworth along with this interview he did. It got me thinking that being a celebrity is one big game of rise and fall, and k-pop idols are not excused from this big game. And yeah, I just compared a football player to a k-pop idol.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[Choi Sulli 's]

Great styling for her btw.

We're studying the poet, e e cummings, in my AP Lit. class, more importantly we're discussing the meaning of his [Buffalo Bill 's] poem and I thought I could bend and twist it to suit Sulli's recent situations. And seeing as how she's returning from her hiatus (:D!) I thought this would be an interesting slap in the face to the people that have been "mean tweeting" her (as I put it.) I thought this would be a pretty cool experiment.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[Update] Getting Slightly Better at GIFing.

That's a little bit of  improvement. I was able to crop the gif so that I could get the focus of Seungyeon, however it's still blurry as hell (but better than the other one.) If anyone knows how to make a gif more HD (without photoshop because I don't know where to even begin to get photoshop.) Then that would be great!

[Update] BTS's War Of Hormone MV

A superior version of "Boy in Luv" in my opinion. BTS haven't had a bad title track yet, however I always thought "Boy in Luv" was their worst [by default] title track seeing as I just liked it. I gave it a pass. It wasn't bad but it wasn't no "No More Dream", "N.O." or some of their good title tracks even. I'd say everything in the second verse I loved but everything else I just thought was above average.

However "Hormone War" or "War of Hormones" (whichever you prefer) basically takes the style of "Boy in Luv" and makes it even better. The videos better for one hand, with not as much opposite sex violence and a more playful nature instead of the creepiness of "Boy in Luv." Also I just overall like the sound more of this song as well and unlike other fans, who may find the lyrics riske, I find them kind of funny and it matches the ridiculousness of the MV, which is basically to glorify hormones. I as a teenager in the height of puberty can say, they captured this accurately enough look wise and the song has some jagged and rugged edges that matches the style.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear Trap Beats: It's Not You It's the Person Who Raps/Sings Over You

Song is my jam! (Trap @ 1:22)

With k-pop getting out of it's dubstep (well starting) phase, it's only natural that a new trend takes over. And what do you know? Trap beats! The dubstep of hip-hop music. Take that as a compliment or insult, but like it or not, trap is the new "dubstep" of k-pop trends music wise so love it or hate it, it's here for two-three years.

Now, for a while American music has, and still have, been using trap beats. And up until recently I thought that trap music was the reason that I hated (along with the lyrics) of 90% of main-stream American rap artist. However that changed once k-pop started using it. Suddenly I found it kind of cool and not ripping through my ear holes making me want to become deaf. Am I just k-pop biased? Is it because I can't understand what they're saying? Or does k-pop simply remove all of the shit and polish it better? In all honesty it might be all three but the main reason is because of this: the main stream rap artist who rap over trap beats it sucks ass because of how they're rapping over it.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why I Like K-Pop.

For those of you who like k-pop and are regular readers of this blog, this will just be a sweet treat for you. For those of you who are wondering why I like k-pop, this will be a nice answer as to why I like this genre of music. I was originally going to do my "Top 5 K-Pop Songs of All Time As of Now" list, but I've been doing too many list and too many reviews to the point that I am getting bored with my own writing, which is something that should never happen. So I'll incorporate my top 5 (plus one because I'm starting off with the video that got me into k-pop) while simultaneously talking about my top 5 of all time. The videos will be embedded in the post by the way.

So sit back relax and enjoy suho_ftw's k-pop tale.

He's my ultimate bias. This post would not be complete without him.

Nicole Signs With B2M Entertainment + Plans to Make a Comeback This Year

The video above is Nicole's great solo effort from 2012 back when she was with Kara. This sprung into mind when I heard that she signed with B2M Entertainment for a solo debut recently.

Friday, October 10, 2014

BtoB - "You're So Fly"

I would review this video but I'd shit bricks from laughter in the process.

Two Groups You Should Give a Chance to: History and BESTie!

I figured in the mixed of all of this scandal this and bullshit that, it would be my job to give you a happy post on my recent two group-bias wreckers: History and BESTie.

So why have I fallen so hard for these groups? Well let's see.

OT.12? OT.11? OT.10?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jessica's Leaving SNSD :'(

:/.... So this is awkward.

Ugh my SNSD bias ranking was Taeyeon>Tiffany>Hyoyeon>Yoona>Jessica/Seohyun>Sooyoung/Sunny/Yuri (Love them all btw.) But now ot9 is now 0t8??????