Sunday, August 31, 2014

Laptops Back!

Finally got my charger. But that should be obvious from all of the MV reviews. Don't worry an "editorial" will be up soon however I just wanted the glee of those songs to get up first. Feel free to read and comment on them. I would post pictures of some idols in celebration however I'm way too lazy to consistently upload pictures after all of that typing plus I'm sleepy and South Park is calling my name, so here is a picture of Joon in the morning of him no longer being my icon pic:

When I get worn out of watching Hani turn up in my icon, this will be refreshing.

[MV Review] EXID - "UP & DOWN"… On Penis :)

[MV Review] BTS - "Danger"


[MV Review] Stellar - "Mask"

Stellar come back with a much better song a video. In fact, it's one my top favorite songs of the year. How about that?

[MV Review] KARA - "Mama Mia!"

It's time to be AMAZING!

[MV Review] Orange Caramel - "MY COPYCAT"

Can you honestly go wrong with an OC song and video? I'm talking strictly Korean releases btw.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

South Korea Vs. Chicago Little League World Series

It was announced a few moments ago that South Korea won the Little League World Series (I'm over my grandmothers my charger still hasn't arrived.) They were up against my hometown, Chicago. While some of you may think I'm some Koreaboo that was rooting for Korea, well you're wrong I was rooting for Chicago 100% but congratulations to South Korea. I'm just happy my city was able to at least compete in the world series or at least do SOMETHING positive. Seriously, Chicago, Florida, and Missouri are like the laughing stocks of the USA because we're the mentally ill states. When the players come back to Chicago, pretty sure there well be a parade or something. If anything the boys are set for life because stuff like this is pretty rare, especially out of my race of people who beat out the entire countries baseball teams in order to get to play South Korea. I know a lot of kpop fans (more specifically Koreaboos) may be conflicted about who they feel should win, but my alliance was always with Chicago from day one. At least I have a reason to like the team (1. They're from my same city, 2. They're from the same side of the city, and 3. They're great players.) Vs. the Koreaboos who just rooted for South Korea because "it's South Korea and everything from South Korea is perfect and wonderful." In all honesty I wish both teams the best and I'm just happy they were able to make it this far.

My charger has not arrived, and yes there will be a thousand post when the charger arrives. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Laptops Down

My laptop charger broke down so no post for a few days. Cha_cha is still on vaca and you know Lee_MiCha  only post every once in a while. I am  on a tablet and its hard as fuck to type blogpsot on this thing. However I will return with another f(x) blog so be excited.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Karma karma karma is looking for you, Kemy! What you gonna do?

Say hello and goodbye to rookie group, A.KOR, because Black Jacks aren't known for showing mercy. Thanks to a quite a career damaging stunt pulled by A.Kor's rapper, Kemy, we can expect a whole lot of nothing from them in the future.

                                                    3 of 5 members who have been introduced

A.Kor, a 5 member girl group from DOO Republic entertainment agency, prepared to debut at the end of July. Their image was set to symbolize "The best of Korea".

Guess we won't find out now.

Like it Or Not Your Someones Reason to Fap

Hey Cha_Cha here! As you guy's know, I've been on vacation and I won't be back for a few more days so as normal this will be short. I've noticed that suho_ftw has been posting like a mad-woman so all of our readers (well…reader. Maybe 2 or 3.) must be ecstatic however, it appears that some people aren't that excited, and for a different reason:

Knowing me, I'll probably practice this dance to try and seduce my crush. Wish me luck.

Anyway, I can't really see all of the hate the group is getting. Sure it's as comical and confusing as Stellar's other video however we should be used to this type of stuff by now. I honestly think it's pretty cool. Yes it's shocking, and opinions will change you just have to give it a god damn chance.

However, it seems something bigger is at stake…

I Have a Bone to Pick With You Racist-Scandal-Defending Fans

About the title, I'm talking about fans who defend racist scandals. Not racist fans who defend scandals just to clear that up. However you guy's can read to.

I'm using Seungri because his scandal had the most laughable responses. No offense to him or Big Bang or any YG artist or YG himself.

K-pop and racism, not really two things you'd quickly put together but let's face it, it does happen. As much as it happens in U.S. Entertainment.

Now we all know about Korea's blatant ignorance to African-American culture (well I want to say just American culture as a whole), and let's face it, it's not 100% the citizens fault. I want to say 50% of that is American propaganda and the other 50% is Korean propaganda. However, when you're in the entertainment industry, there are somethings that your company should, oh I dunno, enlighten you on so you won't seem so racist, yes I'm saying racist to the general public. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

[MV Review] 4L(Four Ladies) - "Move" (UPDATED)

One, no review is totally objective because everyone is biased no matter how hard you try to play fair. You can only be objective so much. But I try to be as objective as I can with my reviews because I like playing fair.

I'm sure some fangirls and fanboys will disagree with me on some things in the video. But that's just too fucking bad isn't it? If you want a totally positive review have a guy who's into this sort of thing or a lesbian review it. Or better yet, create your own blog and THEN review it yourself. Or talk about how much my review sucks if you really want to because I really don't give a shit at this point. Then you can have people tell you what you should write and how you should think and blah blah blah. Then I can officially say welcome to the world of  K-pop Social Justice Warrior Hell. 

This is just my general opinion and it only matters the world to you if YOU make it matter a lot. Besides I praise certain parts of this release and take a massive dump on other aspects of it. And their not the ones you think I will take a massive dump on. So now that you've got your popcorn and/or bricks ready,  without further ado let's get on with this review shall we?

Short Review: Good song, funny video. If you want more details read more.

[MV Review] Red Velvet - "Happiness"

Yes I am an F(x) stan, and yes I love this song.

Red Velvet are a breath of fresh air in the greatest of ways. Literally.