Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Be a Crappy K-Pop YouTube Commenter

I'm putting Jungkook here because well, I haven't talked about BTS yet and I like them and he's my bias and I think he's really cute so yeah. Expect more pics of him throughout the post.

Are you a K-Pop fan? Do you want to be a total a-hole and upset many people for no reason? Will then this is you're own personal guide to being a K-Pop Commenter. 

But first, watch the Smosh version (It's funny):

Sunday, April 27, 2014


If you're sick of Big Hit Entertainment exploiting their idols, then this post is for you.

Pretty cute right? Okay I will admit he does resembles Suho_ftw a LITTLE with all the eyeliner, but so do majority of idols, male or female. Bottom line is one could not simply wish to exploit and over-sexualize this cutie right? WRONG!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


If your not into guys then this post is not for you.

Pretty cute right? Okay I will admit he does resemble Suho_ftw a LITTLE with all the eyeliner, but so does majority of idols male or females. Bottom line is one could not simply wish to do dirty things to this cutie right? WRONG!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's the Deal With Markianisty? "Fake" Gods? Suhology?

Got the pick from tumblr. Macro was made by me though.

Ahh yes, K-Pop religions are always fun. But to the many people who get butthurt over this issue, this post is dedicated to them.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Apink "Mr.Chu" Review

To start off I'm going to say this, I didn't like "NoNoNo"… When it was sung on the track. The live version of "NoNoNo" was amazing, but the regular track version made their voices sound soooo fucking annoying and overly cutesy and it was a pain in my ears. 

However "Mr.Chu" is worlds better in my opinion.

My Thoughts On Whiney Fans Who Are Whining About Not Getting Comebacks Because of the Tragedy That Happened

My thoughts pretty much match Courtney's:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Praying for the Lost Ones: K-pop Entertainment Industry on hold in light of SK sunken ferry

South Korea brings devastating news about a ferry that sunk carrying 475 passengers. Most of them were high school student taking a school tip to Jeju when three hours in, they found themselves panicking in an attempt to survive the force of the water trapping them in the boat. There are currently 290 people missing and 6 already reported dead, including 4 students and a teacher. Only 179 passengers have been rescued since the incident. 80 student have been reported rescued out of the 325 that boarded. The search continues on.

Tru Kpop YouTube Comments #5: Kai's Dancing (And Suho Bonus)

Today's comment comes from iamone withkai and brainwash babe (lol @ those names) under the Kai fancam cha_cha posted in the post before this:

Kai Fancam-"Overdose"

I'm not the only one that enjoys Kai's "I'm on cocaine" looks when he dances. Seriously, there was a post on tumblr that you can check out here to view it that explained why a lot of Kai fans enjoy his dancing and the drugged/possessed looks he makes when he's performing. 

I love his dancing a lot actually. It's pretty sexy to see someone move like that. BoA, Taemin, Kai, and Jia are some of my favorite dancers in Kpop eternally. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

[MV Review] Block B Are Your BEST Nightmares

Block B return after a semi-short hiatus and another crime committed with the amazing "Jackpot" with a hilarious and confusing story-line and a great song.

Or did they????

This music video symbolizes how Block B are such (not so) great criminals. 

EXO's "Overdose" Highlight Melody

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Anorexia is a common issue that is rising not just nationally, but globally. So I've decided to post some pix of EXO eating because, if people that hot can eat like this then so can you.

*Yes I know these are Kpop idols and food can be a little scarce for them, but using hot idols boost the meaning of this post.* Plus why not use EXO in honor of their new upcoming comeback?

So prepare for an post filled with pics and gifs of *not* super sexy food porn, bad puns, and a lot of ice cream.

I'll take you in one spoonful (Like ice cream)

Friday, April 11, 2014

I Am So Ashamed At the Amount of Fangirling I'm Doing Right Now

I watched the leaked dance practice (on accident.) I must say Suho is fucking sexy as hell. The song sounds amazing, probably their best release yet. The dance is amazing, everything will just just be really well done. The only thing that I find slightly off is that it's more of EXO ft. Eyeliner, but it's only for the "dramatic" shots.

One thing confuses me is that their are more M members in the K teaser, and more K members in the M teaser. Maybe it's SM's way of trying to get two separate companies into all the members, either way they all look good, especially Chen, Suho, Kris, and Kyungsoo.

I'm off to go scream and fangirl all night peace!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

[Really Really L8] Cha_Cha's REAL Favorite Songs of 2013

The last one I did was a bit in-accurate and late at night. So some awesome songs were left out.

This is only my opinion, and I only used title tracks. But for 2014 there most definitely will be some non-title tracks. 

30. Girls' Generation's "I Got a Boy"

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but bricks are big enough for me to catch. Throw as many as you want, karma's a bitch and so is my pitch.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Please Stahp the Vocal Hate

There is no other reason I am posting this Kyungsoo pic other than the fact that I am talking  about vocals and his vocals are awesome. 

Now we all know that not every Kpop idol is the best at vocals. However, the majority try and work with what they can. However, there are some fans that think unless you belt out throughout a song, then you aren't a "true" vocalist.

This is hugely false.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jiyeon's Goin' Solo

Jiyeon was always my favorite member of T-ara right after Eunjung. So when I saw this teaser and news for a solo project I was pretty hyped!

If the song in the teaser is used, then this will be my favorite song of the year so far with BTS's "Just One Day" at #2. Seriously, I'm loving this song already. CCM better not fuck this up (they never really do song wise.)

Meet the Ultimate Hotty Long Lost Siblings of Kpop

Can't believe I'm just now posting this btws.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

BTS Releases Another Great Song

I don't know why, but I really like BTS's more hip-hop/rap balledy sounding music. Like "Tomorrow" will most definitely be making it on my end of the year list, and this is a good contender. It sounds like an updated version of the feel-good rap from the 90's mixed in with some mid-2000's hip hop. That's the best I can describe it. It's very light and easy-breezy going. It won't make you get up and dance, but you will be replaying this over and over again like how "Tomorrow" does. 

Suho and Xiumin

Holy shit...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

You Are Beautiful and Sexy-Why Beauty Standards/Generalizations Are Kind Of Stupid

Yes I did change my name from suho_ftw to onewthesexgod. I've been wanting to change it for some time and finally got the ovaries to do so. I still love Suho, but Onew has always been my #1 bias in Kpop. Plus this user name will tie into this post.

Lee Jinki AKA Onew- Leader and lead vocalist of SHINee (Also a Sex God.)
Onto the purpose of this post. You may have been drawn in by its quite bizzaro title, or maybe it's the truth. Either way, beauty and sexiness is after all, subjective. Before we start I have one disclaimer: I don't dislike anyone mentioned is this post. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Zelo is Fugly

Got7's "I Like You" Dance Practice=Fangirl Heaven

Best song on the album, which is saying a lot because the album was pristine.

BamBam dude, did you decide to steal my dads shirt or something? It's hanging off you like a cape O_O. 

I have a sudden urge to lick my computer screen <3!!!