Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why Do EXO Fans Like EXO??? Cha_Cha Has the Answer!

Lmao. I love Kung Fu Panda.

It's no secret that Kpop is heavily placed on looks. Then again, it's not that different for Western Pop either. Looks and pop music have always gone hand in hand, because Pop music is just Popular Music. So the people who sing pop music have to look like the current obsession that people have for beauty. Like in the late 90's and early 2000's a trend for female pop singers was blonde hair (i.e. Christina, Britney, ect…) 

If you read AKF then you know how they talk about vocal masturbation, which is basically hitting unnecessary high notes that are either not needed, or that the singer/vocalist can't hit but still wants to for some reason. However today let's talk about visual masturbation. 

SHINe(X)=Tim Burton's of Kpop?

The saving graces of 2013.

I don't fear saying that SHINee and F(x) are my favorite groups. If ELFs and SONEs have a problem with me preferring some groups over theres, knowing I'm still a fan, then they are part of mentally handicapped Kpop fanism that I'm not going to talk about. This is a positive post about why I love SHINee and F(x). Let's stay upbeat :)

One may ask "Why do I like my favorite band? What's there to like? What is it about them that is so stand-outish to me?" Well why others have their reasons, I have mine as to why I like both F(x) and SHINee.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Key Helps Out a Cutter On Instagram

Korean Netizens Hate BoA…Wait What????

Now BoA is my favorite solo artist, for multiple reasons. But having really good music is the first reason. Now I went on AKF and saw a new article saying how Korean Netizens don't think BoA has "the face" for acting or some bullshit. I didn't want to believe it until I clicked the link and had my IQ drop by 50 points.

Brace yourself.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chanyeol for Ivy Club

Wave hello to EXO's Happy Virus, Chanyeol! He enjoys rapping, beat-boxing, and crack-cocaine. He is also 85% legs and is always smiling, like an adorable idiot. Anyway enjoy these cute Chanyeol Ivy Club pics! (Just look at the size of that mini car compared to him XD!)

Luhan Confuses Me...

On The Whole "You Shouldn't Like Such-And-Such Because So-And-So Exist" Argument

A collage of my biases.

 I'm going to list my top ten biases from first (being ultimate bias) the first five are definite and the last five are in no particular order, but are still permanently on this list.

1. Onew(SHINee) [Jinki-Baby]
2. Taemin(SHINee) [Tae-Baby]
3. Taeyeon (SNSD) [#1 Sunbae]
4. Suho (EXO) [$uhobob Richpants]
5. Luna (F(x)) [Luny-Toon]
6. Zelo (BAP) [Jello Mochi Cheeks]
7. CL (2NE1) [The Baddest Female]
8. Nana (After School) [Most Gorgeous]
9. Joon (MBLAQ) [Joony]
10. Hani (EXID) [Master Rose]

The names in brackets are just titles I gave them.

Anybody that has any sort of bias has of course heard this argument: "Why do you like insert idol here???? Insert another here is soooooooo much more better/talented." There seems to be a fan war (Since 20 freaking 12) with the fans of BAP and EXO. People are saying stuff like "Why do you EXOtics even like EXO? BAP are way better!" Or "BABYs need to STFU! EXO is way more talented than BAP." And the whole time I wonder "And your point is???"

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kai for Ivy Club

I don't exactly keep my Kai [fetish???] a secret, mostly because I don't really see the point of it. Suho_ftw's on tumblr and she emailed me the post of EXO doing Ivy Club. She knows me so well because she knew I'd find these spazzable. So for all of you other Kai spazzers like myself enjoy this pictorial.

Lee Michelle Brought Me to Tears (In a Good Way)

First of all, congratulations to Lee Michelle on her debut. I am very happy with this music video and song. The song reminds me a lot of Jordan Spark's music, which isn't a bad thing at all not to mention her voice is just truly beautiful.

Here's my semi life story: I'm black, and although my family is mixed around we are black. However A LOT of us look really mixed which has brought over a lot of discrimination not just from people who aren't black, but black people as well.

I look mixed. In fact I was made fun of a lot by people of all races for looking half Asian. My mom was made fun of for being really light skinned as a kid (yes, that does happen.) And at one point I started to question if I even deserved to call my self an African American.

Boy was I stupid. 

Light skinned people's ancestor's world in-slaved just like a dark skinned people's and the only reason we are light skinned is because the slave master raped our ancestor's creating lighter skinned people. Some people can't understand that for some reason.

I have even been told that I self-shame because I listen to Kpop. But I'm not going to get into that right now, because if you like Justin Bieber or One Direction and saying that a person who listens to Kpop is anti-American then you're a dumbass. 

Awesome video, great song. A+ Lee Michelle. I think Yoon MiRae AKA T(Tasha) will also be brought to tears by this video. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

[REALY L8] Cha_Cha's Favorite 2013 Songs

I just realized I hadn't done a 2013 favorites because I joined very early on in the year and didn't think to add this. So I'll do my top 20 songs+vids now. So sit back and enjoy the 2013 jams in March of 2014!!!

[UPDATE: This will be top 30. Some songs were overshadowed by accident.]

DISCLAIMER: I have shit taste in music compared to others who have an actual music back grounds. So this is really just my personal tastes and opinions :)

30. 2NE1's "Do You Love Me?"

This battled with "Falling in Love" but the end I found myself dancing and loving this more. Plus the poppy 80's vibe is so addicting. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Orange Caramel Just Took 3rd Place

I have always enjoyed After School and Orange Caramel's music. However with Orange Caramel's recent comeback with "Catallena" I have gotten even more into their music, and thus they are, right now, my current obsession. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2NE1's I Am The Best Plagerized?

This isn't very recent news, but very new to me. Back in 2013, a Dominican artist, La Materialista, was accused of plagiarizing  2NE1's "I am the best". In an interview, she admitted she used the track and "some" of the dance moves (more like most) but claims she made the lyrics.

Monday, March 17, 2014

3 Sentence Reviews - "Mr.Mr.", "COME BACK HOME", "Delicious", and "Whatcha Doin' Today?"

Korea's Princesses, Korea's Independent Women, Korea's Buddies, and Korea's ?_? all made comebacks and debut's in the month of Feb. and March. None of the songs are disappointing at all, so lets review these songs in 3 sentences give or take a few!

1st Review: SNSD -"Mr.Mr"

Great song. Not as good as "Come Back Home" though. The music video makes no sense until you see that post on tumblr, but still good.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sleeping On The Job? SNSD's Sunny Caught!

Congrats to 2NE1 for their recent win on Inkigayo! Come Back Home has been a huge success even they didn't know would happen! The hard work these ladies have been pouring into their new album is paying off and it looks like a great start to the year.

However, there have been some very observant eyes. During the voting count, 2NE1 wowed the crowd and took home the treasure. With the other groups surrounding them, quite a few noticed Sunny of SNSD standing with a blank expression while everyone around her was clapping, bowing, and (in 2NE1's case) crying and jumping for joy. 

A lot of people were a bit disappointed with this, both Black Jacks and Sones. It was taken as rather unprofessional. Some argued she wasn't feeling well from the day before. Others defended that that as her normal face. Some said she was pouting at the loss.


We all know Suho. Some of us (me, suho_ftw *cough cough*) love him! And some of us are religious….
Wait what???
Religious??? Suho_ftw, what ever do you mean?

Well because of the whole CL MTBD people-posing as Muslims thing, I thought it would be good to just dump all other religions and start my own. Screw all of the mainstream Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Scientologist, worshiping your own is the way to go! I like Suho for many reasons, an ultimate favorite idol of mine and also extremely hawt. But he's also much more than that… he is a GOD. 

In fact, you could say he is the GOD.

Cha_Cha Has a Twitter Now


Be sure to follow her! Maybe she'll even make an so she won't have to rely on me to pass on your questions.

Check out Got7 cooking:

cha_cha's a bigger fan but I like them a lot. Their album was super good too.

JB is sexy
Mark is a cam whore yet so shy at the same time...
Jackson is hot (Yes he said "Shit" in there. Lol) (Recking my bias list)
JR is adorkable…
Youngjae is the other adorkable one..
BamBam so qt….and thirsty
Youngyeom is cool :P


Glad they won! SNSD was probably wanting a break anyway (seriously once you start winning the stress get's put on times 100) and it's glad to see 2ne1 win with that kick ass song of theirs!

Look at Bom crying @0:33. She looks so moved… Lee_MiCha will be proud!

Look at Baeki:

Ultimate cutie :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Who's Having A Mental Breakdown Now?

I'm sure the controversy of CL's MTBD is nothing new. YG heard the cries across the globe and took action to remove the offending verse in the tracks background.

With that being said, the live release of CL's performance was quickly edited to please those who were hurt by the Quran verse. However, it seems there are many unpleased fans now who enjoyed the original live version.

3 Sentence Reviews of IU's "Modern Times"

This poster came with the album.

You guys may [or may not] be surprised to find out that I am a big IU fan. It might come off odd swing as I'm a fan of ghetto-fabulous, head bangers and extreme electropop bizarre ass songs. But I'm pretty much an all a rounder when it comes to music. If a song is good, it's good. I think people were way too hard on her with the Eunhyuk scandal and it was just played out really sloppily. 

I played this albums little samples on iTunes and then I eventually got the physical copy a few months ago when I had the cash. I was not disappointed at all as I never really am with IU. There is something very big about IU's music which I have always enjoyed and have always found quite addictive. Not to mention she has a great voice and stands out a lot against the usual sugary voices of Kpop that are especially highlighted in this album. 

Okay enough of that intro, I'm starting to sound like suho_ftw with all of the politically correct terms and shiz! Let's review IU's wonderful "Modern Times" album track by track in 3 sentences (give or take a few)!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

BTS Releases One of the Greatest Songs of the Year By Far

Haven't listened to their other single, but I stumbled across this on tumblr. Must say this like wow. Don't know why but this song hit me. It's like that "umph!" I've been feeling lately from Kpop songs that sort of lacked in 2013. I keep replaying this over and over again. Most definitely one of my favorites of the year! 

A Semi-Short Rant[?] On Male Vs. Female Groups

Okay look, I'm tired of this debate on the whole male groups are better than female groups or female groups are better than male groups bullshit. So let's get this down to facts:

Majority of SNSD fans are male
Majority of SuJu fans are female
Majority of T-ara fans are male
Majority of EXO fans are female
Majority of Girl's Day fans are male
Majority of SHINee fans are female

Is this a coincidence??? Uh no. It's a simple equation that almost all media world wide follow:
Hot opposite sex+deluded opposite sex+music=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Dorky kid-leader has her 25th/26th birthday celebrated at Inkigayo on "Mr.Mr."'s 2nd win. Baekhyun is the luckiest fanboy in the world, he gets to hand Taeyeon her cake! Lucky bastard.

How Painful is This Life CL?

"It's pretty fucking shitty."

So a few days ago many people on the internet, mostly Muslims/Poser-Muslims, started an uproar because apparently CL used Quran quotes and sayings in her song for "MTBD" on 2NE1's second full length album "Crush."

Look, Suho_ftw could speak more on the matter, since her father was a Muslim. But she cans speak on it, on a more spiritual level. Since I know more about the business (though not by much) I can speak on it on a more "This is being blown out of proportion just like everything else in Kpop." Get your popcorn out.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

EXO's Bringing 90's Commercials Back

I like a lot of the Kpop idol commercials because they remind of what commercials were like in the 90's and 00's here in America :) Just goofy and a lot of fun, and slightly…embarrassing. Baekhyun looked really glowy and D.O. looked really cute. You guys have already seen me spazz over Kai's individual CF. Side note I don't the Gangsta Bandana kilts some of them are wearing.

I'm happy seeing EXO doing CFs. It's the only way they'll make any real money as it is for a lot of Kpop idols.


Kai is molesting the can with his eyes. D.O. is bored with this pessant-ass drink. Baekhyun is REALLY high. Luhan is fucking disgusted (he got a bad flavor.) Tao got a reeaaal good flavor, annnnd Kris is really depressed.
Kai: Dayum! I could fuck this drink!
D.O.: Ugh. Not pleased. This is a drink for peasants!!
Baekhyun: YAS!!!! TURN UP!!!!
Luhan: I gawd. I gotta keep from spewing this shit back up!
Tao: OMG! This is the greatest shit in the history of great shit!
Kris: This is the most depressing thing I have ever tasted in my life. *Cries*

Wholy shit!!! I'm a mind reader! Pick your flavors carefully guise. 

EXO CF: The Korean West Side-Foot Fetish Theme for Kolon Sport

Do you like hot boys?
Do you like sporty clothes??
Do you like West Side Story???
Do you have a fetish for feet????
Do you want to laugh your ass off?????

Well then look no farther than this EXO CF:

Old EXO Samsung Commercial With Plenty of Suho

Suho looks amazing. You're welcome Suho_ftw.

Anti Fans Need to Comme des FUCKDOWN

(In all honesty, it depresses me to have to write an article on this shit, because it gives the anti's more attention. However for the sake of hopefully de-retarding (although I highly doubt it will) some anti-fans I have decided to take one for the team. P.S. that grammar in the F(x) one tho.)

Okay, let's get something straight: Anti-fans are fucking hilarious.
You want to know why?
They support the people they hate way more than the regular or sassing fans do.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

[Review] 2NE1's "Come Back Home"=Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "Don Jon"???

You may be asking "How in the hell does a movie about a porn addict relate to a 2NE1 music video?" Just wait and see. More after the jump.

Dearest Baekhyun.

A heart felt letter to one of my favorite members of EXO.

Dear Byun Baekhyun,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Girls' Generation 소녀시대_'Mr.Mr.'_Music Video Review

Thank goodness.

Cha_Cha's Top 15 F(x) Songs

With F(x) being my favorite girl group (expect suho_ftw and I to do a collab on them.) I've decided to do my top 15 songs by them (tried to do ten, but couldn't. Fifteen is hard for me.) For the ones with a music video, I'll post it but if not then I'll post an audio. Feel free to sit back and listen to some good music. 

1. "Electric Shock"

This song fucking rocks.

Tru Kpop YouTube [Video] Comments #3: Martina Lays it Down Flat on Sexy Concepts

(If you really want to know what I'm talking about watch from 4:11-5:31, but feel free to watch the whole review.)
This is a very special and semi-essayish edition. So get out your popcorn and sour patch kids.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fuck [Delusional] SONEs and BLACKJACKs

I just came back from watching the two new and cool 2NE1 video when I see a comment stating the SONEs are going to down vote the video because BlackJacks are down voting Mr.Mr. I go to Mr.Mr. for proof and sure enough:

Look I dunno if the whole BlackJacks down voting SNSD is true. But I'm tired of this whole SNSD vs. 2NE1 bullshit. "Come Back Home" and "Mr.Mr" are both the motherfucking shit in my opinion. Been listening to those two all day. I love them! I'm still more of a 2NE1 fan but that doesn't mean SNSD still isn't my third favorite group.  And if you don't like one or the other or both, state your opinions nicely and then move the fuck on.


Thank god for the good SONEs and BlackJacks or else these groups would probably be ripping their hair out at the moment.

Videos/Songs K-Idols Should Remake for Our Enjoyment/Amusement #1: Benny Benassi "Satisfaction"

More after the jump.

THERE IS A GOD!!!! [Totally NON-KPOP Related Post]

*Okay so I'm gonna say that majority of you won't know what the fuck I'm talking about if you were born before 1993. But still feel free to read.*

Okay so you guys used to/and or still watch Nick right? Well if you guys are as old as me then you should remember these two adorable little fuckers:

If you do know: Nat and Alex Wolff???? I used to LOVE/ or HATE their show!!!
If you don't: Who the fuck are these two???