Friday, January 31, 2014

Suho is a GILF (Grandpa I'd Like to F*ck)

Famous, Deep, and Inspiring Quotes from the Famous, Deep and Inspiring Members of EXO

Get out your tissues and brace yourself for an emotional breakdown. You'd be surprised at some of the moving things that come from our oppars mouths.

In no particular order:

Trying to say he's not gay XD

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Do Kyungsoo Will Be the Death of Me

If I HAD to rate EXO based off of attractiveness, the top 3 would be Kai, Tao, and Xiumin and the rest rate under them to whatever. You may be shocked seeing as those three are usually on the bottom and for most it may be Luhan, Sehun, and Kris (or Chanyeol.) But I have a rare taste when it comes to what I find attractive XD

However I cannot forget (D.O.) Kyungsoo. I mean sure he may come off as the quiet one with the baby looks. However I find him quite interesting and relatable on "EXO's Showtime" and not to mention that has the best vocal voice in the group in my opinion. He was always one of my favorite members :)

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Kai is an Adorable Little Fucker

Okay so on tumblr I saw this post saying that the host was talking to the EXOtics about not pushing and shoving before the members come on stage, and then she made them pinky promise not to do it and Kai's backstage doing this:

I will probably never understand why people hate him. 

Source: kaifuckinsoo at tumblr.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Gain (가인)_ Fxxk U (Feat. Bumkey) MV+Song Review

Before any of you get your black panties in a twist, Kpop idols, or Korean's in general LOVE the word "Fuck." It has appeared in many MV's from groups/artist you wouldn't think. However, I don't think an idol has ever used it like this before. Thus the slight shock.

Anyway, Gain is one of my favorite solo artist. She's done a lot of controversial music videos, such as anything she's done "Irreversible" and "Bloom." Both have strong messages or sex, love, life and now abuse. But instead of just making money off of sexuality, she's actually taught me, personally, some valuable things that aren't taught in present day pop music. "Bloom" for an example, while it was some-what about sex, it was about finding someone you love before giving it up to. It also touched on the subject of virginity all wrapped up in one big dance track. Again, not a message I haven't heard in present day pop music. 

She's returned in 2014 with the pre-release track, "Fxxk You" ft. Bumkey. This MV is like "Irreversible" and "Bloom" put together. It's dark and serious like "Irreversible" but is also quite sexual like "Bloom." However while "Bloom" was more light hearted and sweet, "Irreversible" was more dark and scary at times. This MV keeps up with the more dark and creepy undertones,  but it still stands out amongst the other two. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Luhan is My Biological Father???

After a really interesting conversation with my best friend (we'll just call her laynicorn) I have come to the conclusion that Luhan is my biological father.

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Are any of you familiar with models? Because I need help finding out who this one in!!!
Okay so I just got back from a trip of visiting my brother in South Bend, Indiana. They have University Mall and Notre Dame College. I was in the mall, looking in Sephora when I notice a new brand called Bite Cosmetics:

They are natural, but they don't make their produce out of twigs and have leafs for make-up remover pads. According to one of the men who work there this particular brand has only been there about a year and the woman who created this brand wanted it to be natural products but with an urban look and yeah she did it! The stuff is great!

What caught my eye were their matte créme lip crayon's and I had been looking for something similar. But then this picture caught my eyes:

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Sehun's Pretty Cute

For any of you that think that I see Sehun as just some bratty and disrespectful teenager or whatever and didn't bother to finish reading my last article I'm here to set something straight:

Sehun can come off as bratty and disrespectful and if you're too blind to see that then you're a delusional fangirl.

However, I still like Sehun. He's a sweetheart like 65% of the time and I find his face really cute to look at when he's not frowning like crazy.

So here's a spam of some of my fave pics of him:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Awesome Drama "Prime Minister and I" Uses Taemin for OST Song

Can I say I like drama songs without getting bricks thrown at me? I like the usage of guitars in them and the uplifting vibe of most of them. I'm not saying Kpop needs to start pumping them out but I find them quite enjoyable.

With that said this is not the first S.M. artist I have liked doing OST's. I love Taeyeon's songs from drama's and I loved Sunny's "The Second Drawer" from the "Queen of the Classroom" drama last year. I feel like their voices sound so flawless whenever they do these kinds of songs.

With that said I found this quite enjoyable, and "Prime Minister and I" is probably one of my favorite drama's, and this MV is all clips from the drama, not Taemin. I especially like Yoona in this drama, I find the role to come so natural to her. Not to mention this drama is so freaking hilarious, seriously, everybody likes it and I can easily say it's most definitely worth the watch.

Like most OST songs and just Taemin in general I find that Taemin's voice has improved to the point that it's almost shocking to hear his voice say, five years ago. He was never bad, but he has definitely matured. His voice sounds so good in this, it's certainly deeper than other songs I've heard him do. In other words, I think his voice is beautiful. Also, I feel this song is very sweet, which suits Taemin because he's adorable.

This song makes me smile :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

B.A.P Releases 1004(Angel) M/V Teaser

Shit just got real. I'm so stoked for this :)

Suho is Underrated???

So I was searching something on google when images like these came up:

They all come from Unpopular Kpop-Opinions on tumblr. I could never get into that tumblr because majority of the opinions seem to come from people who are far too judgmental and contributors to the infamous insert band name here anti's. But moving on…

Is this for real Korean netizens? I've looked up some rankings of the members popularity and Suho supposedly isn't even in the top 5 in Korea, China, or the States. However Sehun is in the top 5 in all three???

Not hating I was just shocked since Sehun can come off bratty and disrespectful which is not a very attractive trait in the three countries. Say what you want about the U.S. but we recognize bullshit in a heart beat. And don't try to pull that whole "Sehun's just a realist" because just because you're a nice person doesn't mean you're fake, and just because you're an asshole doesn't mean you're real. Trust me, I know plenty of fake assholes and plenty of genuinely nice people. 

But of course I love Sehun because let's just face it, you have to accept the good and bad in people and he's a sweetheart when he wants to be (or with Luhan.)

Now onto this:
How in the actual fuck is Suho one of the more unpopular members? Fuck underrated because that's being used out of context, unpopular is a more correct use. Okay here's why:
  • If you're a vocal_fag (meaning you're really into people with powerful vocals) Suho sings like an angel.
  • If you're a visual_fag (meaning you get real into the hotties) Suho is fucking hot. (Yes I understand that can be a subjective opinion.)
  • If you're a shorty_fag (meaning you like the shorter peoples) Suho's only like 5'7.
  • If you're an oldy_fag (meaning you like people who are/act old) Suho has the nickname "Gramps" for a reason and he's the oldest member in Exo K
  • If you're a personality_fag [like me] (meaning you love a person with a strong personality) I find Suho quite complex in the personality category.
  • If you're a money_fag (meaning you like peoples with a lot of money in the bank) $uho is very well off.
  • If you're an abs_fag (meaning you love a dude with nice abs) I've done a post dedicated to Suho's abs which you can check out here
  • If you're an exo_fag (meaning you love exo) Suho's in the group and obviously you love all the members equally, so this one has no purpose.
Now of course liking someone based off their looks, money, or height can be shallow and weird but I'm just giving dogs a bone here. Oh yeah and yes I do read AKF, otherwise the use of the word "fag" would have a different and offensive meaning.

Now get this, Suho isn't even my #1 favorite member in EXO and I named myself after him. I have never named my usernames after someone else. Nope, never. Never hannahmontanalover1234, never kpopfan97 none of that. It was always one of my nicknames. However my blogger, twitter, and tumblr account are the newest social networking sites I've made and I named myself after Suho! That says quite a lot if you knew how long I've been on the internet. I might just make Suho my #1 member just to show him some love.

Overall I am shocked, I always thought Suho was one of the more popular members but I guess I was proven real wrong. 

Side note, Suho looks like a cross between an angel and an evil villain to me. What I mean by that is that his adorable baby face seems a bit off because he can be so darkly sexy. 

Suho Photo Spam Time:

I wonder if it hurt when he fell out of heaven.

I like that shirt XD… Oh yeah, Suho <3

Sad Suho is sad… And attractive.


He has a really cute face in my opinion :D

He always has this classic and clean image.

Never forget.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Male Idols I Find Really Attractive But Everyone Else Thinks Aren't

Some of them don't have a sharp jawline, V line, chocolate abs, white skin, tall or EVEN have double eye-lids. Gasp! How dare they not live up to some shitty standard of beauty/ attractiveness! I should be disgusted by them according to what's popular, but these are SOME of the hottest dudes in Kpop in my own personal opinion. 

Disclaimer: this is based off of my own knowledge and bands I'm familiar with. Plus I find nobody in Kpop ugly anyways. Also, if you've read this for a while the first 3 won't be new to you.

1. SHINee's Onew/ Jinki
Onew is my ultimate bias in all of kpop, and also the hottest dude in ALL of Kpop for me. Believe or not, some have had the audacity to call him ugly. Fucking ugly??? Everyone drops their panties for Minho, and while Minho is sure as hell not ugly, I'll take Jinki, Jinki-baby, baby, baby!!!

"Looks to me, like you need some dubu lovin'."

2. SHINee's Taemin/ TaeMan
I've NEVER heard anyone say anything about Taemin's looks, minus Key for what he said about his butt being nice, but honestly Taemin and Kai hold the #2 spot for me. People complain about him looking real girly, and I'm not going to lie he definitely can. But when he's hot, god lord he's HOT.

"There hasn't been a day, NOT A DAY I haven't prayed to S.M. to let me be this hot."

3. EXO K's Kai/ Jongin
People rag on him about his dark skin. I tell them to stick Luhan's fist up their asses (we all know that pic.) Dude is sexy as hell and adorable as puppies. He get's a lot of love from the international fans though. 

"The contrast between my cute and sexy side is so strong, Noona's think I'm bi polar!"

4.  B.A.P's Bang Yongguk
He's fucking gorgeous. Not going to say anything else.

"I've got the POWER, to make ovaries explode."

5. Big Bang's G-Dragon/ Jiyoung
T.O.P is hot. Not going to lie. But GD stands out more to me.


6. Super Junior's Eunhyuk
The fact that I have to put him here is fucking blowing me. Donghae and Eunhyuk are the 2 hottest members of Super Junior.

"Oh my gosh Donghae, we make women swoon half-way across the world! Who would've thought that?!?"

7. EXO M's Xiumin/Minseok/ SeXiumin
SeXiumin, need I say more? Okay, I gave him that nickname for a reason. Ohhh my!!! DEM BAOZI'S!!!

"I'm truly flattered by your compliments suho_ftw." *Sexy smile* 

8. B.A.P's Jongup
Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom. He's a shy, shy, shy boy! And he makes it work extremely well.

"So, you like shy boys eh?"

9. Big Bang's Daesung
Daesung's adorable, especially when he smiles.

"Me fugly?!? HAHAHAHAAHAH!!!" *Adorable smile*

10. EXO M's Chen/ Jongdae
My recent post on Chen said that I find him sexy. Yeah, it hasn't changed, he's very exotic (no EXO pun intended) to me which I find attractive. 

"Ahhh, stop it!"

Bonus: Block B's Zico/ Jiho

God bless his crazy ass! But seriously, in pictures he either looks high as hell or is doing aegyo exceptionally well. Like wtf? Then again he's a virgo like me so he's slightly bi polar.

Hmmm just now realizing majority of these dudes have monolids. Do I have a thing for them??? Nothing I'm ashamed of :) 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rainbow Blaxx(레인보우 블랙) - Cha Cha(차차) MV+Song Review

Rainbow Blaxx is a sub-unit from the group Rainbow for those of you who don't know. I liked Rainbow's song "A" but after that I never really paid attention to them, but when I heard the smooth jazz track in the background of their teasers, I had some hype for this group. And "Cha Cha" doesn't disappoint.

This song is awesome! I love the 80's jazzy pop sound and the synthesizers makes for a very sexy song. I like the English use of the song like "Wanna feel ya! I wanna love ya!" It sounds so mid 80's to me. I love it :) The rap is actually REALLY good and not annoying at all. Like in SECRET's "Poison" the rap actually fits the song well and the rapper, (not sure which member) does a good job of carrying the rap well. The vocals are actually pretty strong and match the song and the instrumental well. Overall an amazing track.

The video is ?_?. Okay JK it has somewhat of a storyline. Based off the teaser I expected this MV to be overly uncomfortably sexy like anything HyunA's done. But it was actually more of a comfortable sexy. Yeah, the members are being sexy eating the sweets in sexy clothing, but I actually didn't mind this at all. Maybe because they AREN'T singing about being aegyo and shaking their asses like Beyonce at the same time. The sexiness of the video matches the sexy vibe of the song. 

However, the storyline I'm just going to guess here: the members of Rainbow Blaxx work for a female pimp who just wants them to dance, eat sweets, bring her money and barf diamonds. But she always measure the girls to make sure they don't get too fat. But if she doesn't want them to get fat, why does she only have sweets available? Ironic right? Or maybe she DOES want them to get fat. I'm not really sure. Oh wait, when they get done eating sweets they barf diamonds. Again it's very confusing to me. 

The dance was good too. Not that special, but I enjoyed it well. I feel bad for whoever they hired to make all those sweets in the video, because there was a crap tone of baked goods everywhere. 

The best parts of the video are the "body scans" part, because those are very unique and cool looking. They were in the teasers as well.


I give this song 4.5/5 Macaroons 
I give the MV 3.5/5 barfed up diamonds

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Sorry I'm just a bit upset right now, I'm on tumblr when I see this taken out of an interview with Super Junior's Leeteuk:

Now they might have been going through something, but you NEVER take out something like this on your kids. Ever. Leeteuk is basically saying he was abused. Fucking abused. I hate parents that do this! And if you're one of them: fuck you and you don't deserve to be a parent. 

I'm just happy Leeteuk is better. He, and other people who have come out about these sort of situations are very strong. I want to just give him a hug and show him a love because the sassaengs are just going to fuck him up even more. I'm here for you Leeteuk.


Names Some Older/Changed Kpop Groups Could Use Now

Some Kpop groups have came a long way since their debut with more mature content. This is what they could be referred to from now if they changed their group names:

1. Super Junior- Super Senior
2. Girls' Generation- Womens' Generation
3. SHINee- MANLee
4. Girl's Day- Women's Day
5. Teen Top- Adult Top or Man Top
6. T-ara- Q-ween 

Super Junior

Super Senior

Some of the members are missing because of military duties.

Girls' Generation

Womens' Generation



Girl's Day

Women's Day

Teen Top's Never really changed their image drastically from what I saw. But they're all adults now.