Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top 5 Male Bias-List Wreckers of 2014

This is a post really for my own benefit of talking about who wrecked my bias list this year. I kept it to five because if I would have done ten then I'd be writing this article for a year and you'll see why (hint: distractions.) I'll have to do a re re-edit of my bias list because some of these boys DID make it to my top ten biases. If you want to see who wrecked my female bias list, stay tuned for that because I am making one, but until then, enjoy some male eye-candy.

5. Seokhoon (Lu:Kus)

Him: "What u want?" Me: YOU!

Seokhoon really gets on this list because he's apart of Lu:Kus, who had a truly amazing song this year and is also really cute. Not much is known about this group since they're practically the nugu of nugu's however in the hopes of them gaining popularity, I look forward to their future comebacks and more Seokhoon as well.


Goin' MAD over him.

Madtown are one of my favorite rookies of the year and it's all because of "YOLO." Which was a great song but the MV was just sort of "meh" and pretty standard for boy groups with that image. However, the member that made me want to re-watch the music video and not just play it and open up another tab to do something more interesting, was member H.O. Who caught my attention for his striking resemblance to Bangtan's Jimin. It's obvious there is some sort of inspiration because he's styled pretty damn similar to Jimin during Bangtan's early days with the black hair and no-sleeves. 

3. Mark (Got7)

I'd get 7 and the freggin moon for you.

If there is one male that cha_cha and I both spazzed over together this year,it's Mark. His lovable awkward personality, voice and the fact that he "slayed" everyone in the Girls Girls Girls music video was enough to sell me, making him one of the mega-bias ruiners on this list.

2. Moonkyu/Timoteo (HOTSHOT)

No words. Yup. None. Enjoy.

SM made a big mistake not including Moonkyu in SM, but he left anyway and debuted in a group that had a massively great song, so it's all good. Moonkyu is simply awesome, and he reminds me a lot of Joon in some angles so he's helping me cope with the loss of my favorite MBLAQ member a lot. I see this as enough reasons for him to smash into my bias list.

1. Jimin (BTS)

Yes I have better pictures of him. But I purposely picked one I wouldn't spazz out over too much. And yes, I still fapped spazzed. God he's cute.

You knew it had to be Jimin and if you didn't, well now you know. No one got more attention on this site this year then Jimin (and Bangtan in general.) What's not to like about this boy? He's adorable, has a distinguishable and pretty singing voice, cute as fuck smile, and also MEGA hot. Like wow. It's no wonder he became #2 on my male bias-list. 

Honorable Dudes:

Kyungil of HISTORY

Taeil of Block B

Kidoh of Topp Dogg

Okay those are my top 5 male bias list wreckers of 2014. If you enjoyed the article and my extreme fangirling. Please don't take it for granted. It took me a really long time to do, especially Jimin and Moonkyu's parts. Not because of the content, but because I kept getting distracted. By them. 

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